Ben Carson Blows the Cover Off Hillary Idol and Planned Butcherhood Founder Margaret Sanger

Dr. Ben Carson, who has been soaring in most presidential polls following his powerful closing statement at the first GOP debate last week, doesn’t exactly come across as a flame-throwing fire-breather. His calm and soft-spoken demeanor can come across as subdued and lacking energy.

Don’t let his cool demeanor fool you. The retired pediatric neurosurgeon is very witty and uses a sharp tongue whenever necessary. The latest example of his “speak softly and carry a big stick” ways comes from Carson’s Wednesday interview on “Your World” With Neil Cavuto where he surgically takes a sharp verbal knife to Hillary Clinton’s idol, the founder of Planned Parenthood and proponent of eliminating the black race, Margaret Sanger.

Cavuto asked Dr. Carson to comment on the radical and exclusionary #BlackLivesMatter movement following his recent visit to Harlem and Carson knocked it out of the park, explaining how his charity has built reading rooms in poor neighborhoods where kids can develop a love for reading.

“If you get somebody to love reading, you change the trajectory of their life,” Carson proclaimed. “When it comes to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, let’s find the solutions — we all agree that black lives matter, but we’re not going to get anywhere sitting there pointing fingers at each other,” he said.

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“For a young black male in a major city in America, the number one cause of death is homicide. And the vast majority of those homicides are occurring at the hands of other black males.

You look at the number of black babies that are being aborted. Do those lives matter? I think they matter a lot!”

On the issue of life and abortion, Dr. Carson said that life begins “certainly once the heart starts beating,” while affirming that in no way should American taxpayers be forced to pay for abortion. He adds that Planned Parenthood should definitely be defunded.

“Maybe I’m not objective when it comes to Planned Parenthood, but — you know — I know who Margaret Sanger is. And I know that she believed in eugenics and that she was not particularly enamored with black people.

And one of the reasons you find most of their clinics in black neighborhoods is so that you can find a way to control that population.

I think people should go back and read about Margaret Sanger who founded this place [Planned Butcherhood], a woman who Hillary Clinton by the way says that she admires. Look and see what many people in Nazi Germany thought about her.”

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Dr. Carson said that the Nazi’s referred to Margaret Sanger as a “great person.”

Those progressives sure do have strange allegiances, don’t they?


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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