Ben Carson Blows Up Facebook With This Politically Incorrect Post

Famed retired pediatric neurosurgeon and GOP presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, blew up social media in response to the horrific anti-Christian murders in Roseburg, Oregon this week.

Ben Carson, who’s recently surged into the top-tier of candidates, to the shock of leftstream media and the GOP establishment, took to Facebook in a viral post to urge Christians to change their social media profiles to an image showing the hashtag, #IamAChristian, using the image below:


“Please consider changing your profile picture to honor the victims and their families,” Dr. Carson asks, in response to the Umpqua Community College shootings in Roseburg, Oregon this week that specifically targeted only students at the college who professed their faith in Jesus Christ.

Late Friday evening, several respondents to the post must have heeded Dr. Carson’s request, as several had already changed their profile pics in the comments section of the Facebook post, as you can see from a sampling below of consecutive comments:

Ben Carson

Shamefully, the treasonous Marxist president jumped the shark following the horrific shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, at Umpqua Community College this week, a barbaric murder of any student of anyone who, when asked, professed to be Christians.

Barack Obama, a supposed Christian, furthered the War on Christianity by frequently demonizing the peaceful faith, in order to prop-up and protect the violent religion of his youth, Islam, including the blasting Christianity of, at all places, Christian prayer breakfasts.

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Instead of calling out his Muslim brethren for rapes of women and adolensent boys, which they are accustomed to, as well as the barbaric beheadings of innocent Christians and homosexuals around the globe, Obama used a annual Prayer Breakfast in April do demonize Christians as somehow being “less than loving.”

Immediately following the shootings, “Christian” anti-rights tyrant Obama immediately took to the airwaves to attack America’s Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment, issuing a litany of lies to support his goal to disarm law-abiding American citizens in the aftermath.

As former Obama Chief of Staff, progressive mobster Rahm Emanual once said, in a rare moment of honesty, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste,” especially when the left sees an opportunity to take more of our freedom away.

For more timely and truthful stories about the Oregon shooting, I highly recommend reading our own Greg Campbell‘s coverage and analysis of the tragedy.

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Greg Campbell is not only a firearms expert and Second Amendment specialist, but is a former attendee of Umpqua Community College and Roseburg, Oregon, is his hometown, and therefore offers a unique perspective.

h/t:  Breitbart News

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