Ben Carson Gives BIZARRE Interview When (Kind of) Defending Trump

Dr. Ben Carson’s brilliance is above debate. The pioneer neurosurgeon is a self-made man and a true inspiration.

But he’s no politician. His candidacy was better than expected, but his outsider approach was just a bit too “outsider” to ever gain any real traction and while he bolstered the dignity and conservative values in the race, his departure from it was really always inevitable.

Since exiting, however, he has made a few questionable moves. He endorsed Donald Trump, a man who compared him to a child molester and recently offered a bizarre interview that doesn’t seem to make a heap of sense.

Last week, Carson appeared on CNN and offered bizarre answers when discussing his Trump endorsement, claiming that he would prefer a different candidate and assuring that even if Trump is a bad president, it would only last four years anyway.

When CNN host John Berman asked about the battery charges against trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, Carson gave an odd answer.

“Well, I mean a lot of people have been charged with various things,” Carson said. “That doesn’t necessarily mean we need to demonize them. You’ve probably been charged with something, too.”

“Maybe with a misdemeanor or something. That doesn’t mean that you’re an evil, horrible person.”

“I actually haven’t, as far as I know,” Berman said as Carson continued to explain.

Berman asked about Carson’s recent remarks that indicated he believed that there was “probably” a better candidate than Trump for the nomination.

“I don’t think you have to really think about that,” Carson replied. “Doesn’t matter what you’re doing. There are better people than me at neurosurgery. There are better people than you at being a broadcaster. There are better people at everything.”

Co-host Kate Bouldan asked if he had anyone in mind, and Carson snipped,

“I don’t think that that’s a useful place to go, but it’s an obvious statement,” Carson said.

“You brought it up,” Bolduan replied.

“If you drop a brick off of a building, it’s going to fall,” Carson said. “Obviously, there’s always going to be someone who’s better at virtually anything. It doesn’t mean that you’re not good, but of course there always better people at anything. That should be an obvious statement.”

Carson then said that he was having audio trouble and could no longer hear the anchors.

“You think I’m making excuses. It’s true,” Carson said.

“I’m happy to talk a lot louder if need be,” Bolduan said in a joking manner.

The audio issue appeared to be fixed as Carson could then hear questions regarding how Trump could do better.

In truth, however, Dr. Carson may have simply been diplomatic. There appeared to be women laughing in the background and it’s possible that there was no audio issue, but that he could not hear because there was too much noise or distraction occurring in the room.

When the segment ended, Carson was laughing, evidently aware that he offered a bizarre interview, and the anchors were laughing and making slightly-snide remarks about the odd interview.

The interview was likely not particularly helpful for the Trump campaign, but given his lukewarm support for the billionaire, Carson is likely okay with that.

It was yet another bizarre episode from the candidate who encouraged a miscommunication after declaring in the middle of primary hustling that he would be returning to Florida for a change of clothes.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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