Ben Carson: Men Brag About Assaulting Women All the Time; Get Over It [VIDEO]

Loyal Trumpist Ben Carson provided the “everybody does it defense” on Tuesday morning, using an argument virtually identical to that used by Democrats to defend serial woman abuser Bill Clinton in the 1990’s.

In the aftermath of video footage released last Friday in which Donald Trump is seen bragging about sexually assaulting women and getting away with it because of his celebrity status, even discussing “grabbing their pussy,” Carson told CNN’s Brianna Keilar that “that kind of banter goes around all the time.”

Sorry, I’ve been in a ton of locker rooms in my life, and while the talk is often crass or even vulgar, I’ve never heard any man brag about making unwanted sexual advances on women or even one woman. And if he did, he’d likely get his teeth knocked out, not cheered and encouraged the way Billy Bush did.

All have sinned and come short of the glory of God, but for Ben Carson, a self-proclaimed Christian to be downplaying Trump’s activity for the sake of political gain I thought was the same kind of immorality in politics Ben Carson got involved to stop.

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I used to really respect and admire Ben Carson, but to get on TV and throw all men under the bus to prop up an immoral con man like Donald Trump, simply because he has an “R” next to his name or because he’s “worse than Hillary” is simply idolatry.


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Matthew K. Burke
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