Ben Carson: My Mom Would Have ‘Shot Some of the Dishonest Reporters’

The mainstream media is filled with leftwing hacks that are concerned only with crafting a liberal media narrative. While there is a place for commentary and arguments to be made, Americans are almost entirely bereft of a media that is willing to share the news in an unbiased fashion.

In this view, it is entirely understandable that many of the top Republican contenders for the White House have made it a point to criticize the media. It has simply gone too far and it has become impossible for conservatives to get remotely fair treatment from the media.

Still, the response can go a bit far. Donald Trump has repeatedly maintained that if he should become president, he would “crack down” on the media– a threat that has chilling constitutional implications.

Dr. Ben Carson took it one step farther on Wednesday when he proclaimed that if his mother were able to see him run for the presidency, she would have “shot some of the dishonest reporters.”

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On The Brown and Scoop Podcast on Wednesday, the host asked, “What would your mother have thought if she were alive to see you run for the White House?”

“Well, my mother is still alive, by the way,” Carson noted. “She has Alzheimer’s.”

He stated that his mother “really is not cognizant of that, which is a good thing, because my mother is really a fighter.”

“And she probably would have taken a gun and gone out and shot some of the dishonest reporters,” Carson joked.

The mainstream media should serve as distributors of information. They have, instead, become manipulators of fact.

There must be some way to deal with this bias that does not include unconstitutional governmental crackdowns or gunshots.

What, exactly, should be done about compelling more honest and accurate reporting, however, I do not know.


Listen below for the interview. The referenced comments begin around the 9:55 mark.

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