Ben Carson Reveals the ‘Mental Disease’ of the GOP Establishment

Ben Carson GOP Establishment

A lot of people mistakenly believe that because Dr. Ben Carson is quite soft spoken that he must not be much of a fighter.

Think again. “Speak softly but carry a big stick.”

Ben Carson had his big stick out, speaking to the Republican Women of Las Vegas on Wednesday morning, using his “stick” to whack the GOP establishment.

In the backdrop of the GOP establishment scheming to bring in a RINO squish to be their “knight in shining armor,” a “moderate” stooge like Mitt Romney (because, after all, he did so well last time), in an effort to stop an outsider candidate like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Carson from being the candidate, Carson said that the Republican party is inflicted with a “mental disorder.”

“Republicans have this mental disorder sometimes that says, ‘A person doesn’t agree with me 100%, I’m not with them, I’m going to go and sit down,’” Carson told the crowd according to the Wall Street Journal.

Ben Carson was likely referring to reports that big-moneyed GOP establishment donors reportedly are considering backing — get this — Hillary Clinton, not only taking their ball and going home, but effectively giving the ball to what would be Obama’s third term, or worse.

Last week Carson threatened to leave the party if the GOP establishment continued down the path to “subvert the will of the voters and replace it with the will of the political elite.”

The GOP establishment has been adamant about forcing the grassroots and base of the GOP, the pro-liberty, pro-Constitution Tea Party movement, to hold their noses and vote for whatever RINO stooge they present. Past losers Romney, John McCain and Bob Dole were all advertised by the GOP establishment as the “most electable” candidate, a big lie people are sick of getting duped by.

“There’s a false narrative that only [a member of] the political class has the wisdom and the ability to be commander in chief,” Carson declared on Wednesday.

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“I don’t do a lot of talking. I do a lot of doing,” he added. “The fact of the matter is, look and see what I’ve done, and that speaks volumes about strength,” he said.

Carson went on to opine that the “mental disease” in the GOP establishment must have been planted by Democrats.

“You know, I believe that was a disease that was implanted by the Democrats,” he quipped. “That’s what they want you to do. As long as you feel that way, they’ve got it in the bag.”

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Matthew K. Burke
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