Ben Carson: Set Aside Your Christian Principles to Elect Trump [VIDEO]

During an interview which developed into a shouting match on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Friday, formerly respected Christian Ben Carson, now a loyal Donald Trump surrogate, argued that voters should set aside their “Judeo-Christian values” until after the election is over.

“I love the fact that all of a sudden you want to talk about morality in our country,” Carson argued. “I would love us to bring back our Judeo-Christian values and begin to teach those things and emphasize them at a time other than a political election. Let’s do that. But right now, the train is going off the cliff.”

Carson, who ran his presidential campaign on bringing back the kind of values, principles, and virtue he is now urging voters to set aside, also claimed that it doesn’t matter whether the multiple women who have come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault are lying or telling the truth.

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“Listen, it doesn’t matter whether they’re lying or not. What matters is that the train is going off the cliff. We’re taking our eye off of that and getting involved in other issues that can be taken care of later,” said Carson.

Excuse me, I’m no Christian scholar or anything, but I missed that part of The Holy Bible that says to set aside your godliness during a political campaign — really missed it. And it must have completely slipped past me that part that only a narcissistic con man can save us. Last time I checked, the Bible says that Jesus saves, and it still teaches us to elect godly leaders.

The interview got so heated that the normally mild-mannered Ben Carson actually asked host Joe Scarborough to cut the mic of one of the panelists who kept interrupting Carson.


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