Nails It! Ben Sasse Gives Awesome Explanation Why Federalism Trumps Nationalism

Senator Ben Sasse

Many if not most Americans don’t know this (thank you evil Department of Education) because history has been bastardized by leftist historians, but the United States of America isn’t actually supposed to have a “national” government but a “federal” one. So to all you “nationalists” out there, regardless of political party, you’re wrong, okay? Wrong country.

It’s the states that created the federal government and not the other way around. The states enumerated specific powers to the federal government and no more (Article I, Sec. 8, Tenth Amendment). Of course, we know that the controlists in Washington, D.C. have massively abused these limitations.

On this topic, Republican Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska (because we still have states, right?) gave an easy to understand explanation of why federalism trumps (pardon the pun) nationalism.

Speaking at the Federalist Society’s 2016 Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture last month, Senator Sasse explained that just because the government should do something doesn’t mean it should be done at the federal level in one size fits all fashion.

And Sasse gives this excellent explanation is just one minute:

“Federalism, that we’d like to see recovered, is about depoliticizing the fact that many governance decisions that do need to be made by compulsion, should be made across 50 laboratories of democracy so it can be closer to the people — so that you can have an experiment with what works and what doesn’t work.

Nebraska and Vermont, we have different people; we have different values; we have different problems; we have very different topography. We’re going to feed the world and they’re going to make some really good ice cream.”

“Every decision that doesn’t have to be made in Washington, D.C., should be driven back to the states,” Sasse concluded.

And he’s exactly right. If California and New York want to try to be a progressive, socialist, multicultural Marxist utopia, let them do that and deal with the consequences. But the rest of the country shouldn’t get those values and laws that follow forced upon those of us who value freedom and liberty. Hence, the beauty of federalism over nationalism.

Ben Sasse nailed it.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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