Ben Shapiro Kills Trump’s Whining About Delegate Process in One Tweet

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A lot of whining and lying has been coming from Donald Trump and his team regarding the delegate selection process. Trump has whined incessantly about the delegate selection process in Colorado, convincing people that no one voted for these delegates even though that is not true. Colorado used a caucus system just like Hawaii. Trump chose not to go to Colorado to campaign while Ted Cruz did. Cruz won all delegates in Colorado and that angered Trump. So, he has started whining and lying that the people of Colorado didn’t get to vote because the system is rigged and corrupt.

Never mind that the system in Colorado is identical to the one in Hawaii, but Trump isn’t complaining about Hawaii. Why not? Because he won that state and in his words, he only complains when he has difficulty then he will whine until he wins.

And whining he has done.

Trump and his surrogates are trying to make the argument to forget the 50% plus one system. They are saying that if Trump has the most delegates, no matter how many he has, then he should be the nominee. If the GOP doesn’t cave to their demands, then Trump’s son says they will be showing the world that America is like communist China.


Over and over again, Trump has said he’s been ahead all this time and has more votes so therefore he should be declared the winner and Ted Cruz should just drop out. Sounding like a typical liberal argument, Trump is advocating for mob rule as he presses the RNC to toss out the delegate process. (If they don’t, then don’t worry. Top Trump advisors and supporters have already threatened delegates with a reveal of their hotel rooms, names, faces, and families in an attempt to bully them into compliance.)

Enter Ben Shapiro.

In one simple tweet, Shapiro illustrates the ridiculousness of Trump’s whining argument that he is ahead so he should win.

Speith, who was the reigning Masters champion, shockingly lost this year’s Masters after being ahead the majority of the time. When he lost, he graciously congratulated the winner, showing true sportsmanship.

But, by Trump’s illogic, Speith should have been declared the winner because he was ahead most of the time.

Looks like Trump could learn a thing or two from Ben Shapiro, and Jordan Speith.

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