Bernie Sanders Buys New $600,000 Waterfront Home Because…Socialism

Yeah, socialism! I have to say, socialism is looking pretty damn sweet to me these days. I thought that socialism always ends up in starvation, misery and a police state. Boy, was I wrong. Apparently, it ends up with having the ability to own three homes including a new $600,000 waterfront summer home.

Wait, how is that you ask? Well, you’ll have to ask the champion of socialism, US Senator and ex-Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. You see, after fighting for the little people and selling his working-class campaign supporters on the wonderful benefits of “Democratic Socialism”, ole’ Bernie lost his run for the presidency. Afterwards, to help with the sorrow, he plunked down $600,000 on a big waterfront summer home on Lake Champlain in the all-white town of North Hero Vermont, far away from all those brown and black people.

Waterfront summer homes are all the rage these days for rich white progressive liberals like Bernie Sanders. They love to preach about “income distribution” because that is not what they want, but rather it is how they earn their riches. Bernie Sanders has three homes including that new fab one on the water courtesy of YOU, the taxpayer.

Sanders never had a “real job.” He has no idea what it is like to work for a living. He has accumulated all his wealth off the backs of those he claims that he champions. It’s all a ruse and always has been.  Bernie loves to go around wailing about “free stuff” because it’s worked out swell for him and it’s easy to offer.

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His new home is the product of the sweat and toil of folks working outdoors in all kinds of weather, folks grinding the nine-to-five in the factory or waiting tables at the hipster restaurant in towns like North Hero.

These same folks believed in the faux utopia that socialists like Bernie Sanders have sold to a naïve public for centuries; only to find out the only one who ends up with the “easy life” was the snake-oil salesman selling it.

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Alex David
Alex David
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