What Did the DNC Promise Bernie Sanders to Get Him to Do This?

Bernie Sanders has never been a Democrat, that is until he decided to run for President. Since 1979, he has officially been an Independent, likely because his far-left Marxist views did not mesh with Democrats back then.

But, as the Left has moved further and further to the Left, perhaps Sanders felt comfortable finally aligning himself with the party of the donkeys. When he announced his campaign for the presidency, he said he was running as a Democrat. He lost but on Tuesday morning he did something that reveals just how far-left, radical Marxist Hillary Clinton also is.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

CNN reports that many Bernie supporters are not receptive to this endorsement.

But converting all Sanders fans may be impossible.

“Given, frankly, some of the criticism that he made, I think it will take work to get all of them there,” (former Rep. Barney) Frank said.

At the Portsmouth rally Tuesday, where both Sanders and Clinton signs, T-shirts and buttons dotted the crowd, there were plenty of Sanders loyalists who said they are not sold on Clinton — and might never convert.

Marie Clark, a Sanders supporter from Laconia, New Hampshire, said she remains devoted to Sanders — or no one. “I’m Bernie or Bust,” said Clark, who plans to write Sanders in.

Sanders had previously said that Hillary would have to shift many of her positions further left in order to win his endorsement.

So what exactly did Hillary and the DNC promise him?

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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