Bernie Sanders Just Made an Announcement that Could Destroy the Democrat Party

When Bernie Sanders entered the presidential race as a Democrat, those who follow politics were more than a bit surprised. Sanders, an avowed socialist, has never been a member of the Democrat party. While he caucused with the Democrats during his time in Congress, he was and always has been an Independent.

Throughout the campaign, the surge of Bernie Sanders revealed to America just how far left today’s Democrat Party has become. He drew crowds that put Hillary’s to shame and kept the Democrat race extremely competitive. Now that the race is over and Bernie goes back to the reality of being a Senator for Vermont, he is doing so in such a way that will give the proverbial middle finger to the Democrats.

Even though Bernie Sanders has worked for the last 4 days to “unite” the Democrats and get his supporters to now back Hillary, he is officially no longer part of the Democrat Party.

Sanders bragged throughout the campaign about how much money he was able to raise in small increments. He will not, however, help Clinton with fundraisers. This means he is not going to work to reach the far left progressive grassroots faithful who believed in his Santa Claus message and helped keep him competitive against Clinton.

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Just before the DNC convention was set to begin, a blockbuster news story broke that the DNC emails had been hacked. Revealed within those emails was the fact that, although she was supposed to remain neutral, then-chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was not only conspiring in favor of Hillary Clinton but also conspiring against Sanders. The DNC actually discussed how to use the fact that Sanders is Jewish but also an atheist against him, among other things.

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Wasserman Schultz faced great pressure to resign which she ultimately did. Her resignation took effect immediately after the conference ending. She landed a cushy job with the Hillary Clinton campaign as co-chair and surrogate, a nice reward, no doubt for a job well done.

Many expected Sanders to revolt and that is precisely what many of his supporters did with protests during the convention. Sanders instead pushed for Democrat unity saying the DNC leak of emails didn’t matter to him.

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Yet still, he is quickly exiting the Democrat Party. The question is, what’s next?

Will Sanders simply go back to his life as a Senator representing his constituents in Vermont? He has no allegiance to the Democrat Party as is evidenced by his announced exit prior to the convention even ending. Green Party nominee Jill Stein has offered to step down from the top of that ticket if Bernie Sanders wanted to remain in the race for president as the Green Party candidate.

Given the disturbing amount of support received by the avowed socialist Sanders, who many have argued is actually a Marxist, during the primary would not bode well for Hillary if he remains in the race.

As of now, Sanders has not indicated any plans to do so but a recent announcement that the emails of the Hillary Clinton campaign’s email could change things.

If there are disparaging comments and underhanded plans that are revealed in those emails should they be leaked, it could spin this election cycle into even more of a tailspin if it influences Bernie to continue his quest to become president.

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