Bernie Sanders’ Wife REALLY Wants You to Know that He Doesn’t Celebrate this Holiday [VIDEO]

Avowed socialist and Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is quick to let people know the he is not religious. Although he is culturally Jewish, he does not believe in God. Instead, as he made clear during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, he believes in the God of collectivism.

But, during an interview on With All Due Respect with Mark Halperin, Sanders’ wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, accidentally let slip the name of a holiday deemed controversial by far-left, politically correct obsessed bullies. Of course, once stated, twice, she had to take it back lest she alienate the Democrat base that attacks Christianity at any opportunity.

The conversation was innocent enough. In fact, some may have seen it as a charming look into the life of a presidential candidate and long-serving senator. As O’Meara Sanders shared that her husband organizes an annual ‘Christmas’ party, she quickly had to recant that word and correct herself – twice.

So if, God forbid – and unlike Sanders who had to clarify that it was just a phrase, I do believe in God – America is foolish enough to elect a wild-eyed socialist and give us a President Sanders, rest assured that there won’t be a Christmas tree at the White House. It would be a holiday tree, if any tree at all.

There would likely be no delivery of a Christmas address. Heck, there probably wouldn’t even be a Hanukkah address. Though a President Sanders may deliver a Kwanzaa address as he continues his pandering to the terroristic #BlackLivesMatter movement. After all, he has to appease the radical, racist masses and keep up appearances while he offers his support for their terrorizing of the daily lives of Americans and calls for the murder of police officers.

Sanders’ position on God does go right along with today’s far-left, radical Democrat party, which is wholeheartedly supported by the Communist Party USA because ideologically they are nearly identical. After all, this is the party whose delegates booed God at the Democrat National Convention in 2012, which supports the murder of babies in the womb and the selling of their body parts for profit, and who are quick to bait and sue Christian-owned businesses in an attempt to force Christians to violate their religious liberty.

It should be expected that Sanders would be anti-God. After all, communism/socialism teaches you to worship the government as god, the very idea that Sanders is pushing.

h/t Newsbusters

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Jennifer Burke
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