Bernie’s Socialist Army has a Plan for Roll Call that Will Send the DNC in Spin Mode

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The Democrats and their lackeys in the media have tried desperately to push the false notion that there is unity in the Democrat Party. They have made this claim despite the booing of multiple speakers by delegates, the chants for wild-eyed socialist Bernie Sanders as others talked about Hillary, and the chants of “lock her up” in regards to Hillary Clinton who will accept the Democrat nomination for the presidency on Thursday.

After Day One of the DNC convention in Philadelphia, leftist pundits were speculating that the drama would be over and the country would see the Democrats united behind Hillary Clinton from here on out. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Bernie’s supporters are furious that a more progressive, i.e. Marxist socialist type, Democrat was not selected by Team Hillary to be her running mate and they are going to voice their displeasure tonight during roll call.

Sanders’ Socialist Army attempted to draft a more progressive candidate for the vice-presidential slot using a petition but they missed the deadline. This did not deter them. They plan to shout down Tim Kaine as the VP pick and, according to the numbers, they have a huge force behind the planned revolt.

The straw poll of 318 delegates was conducted Sunday evening. Only 19 percent of Sanders delegates said they would not be interested in opposing Kaine’s nomination as the Democratic vice presidential candidate.

The rest, 81 percent, said they would be receptive to a progressive alternative on the ticket, according to the poll taken by the Bernie Delegates Network. The network claims to include 1,250 Sanders delegates present at the convention this week.

Sanders Socialist Army has also made it abundantly clear that any hopes that things will calm down and the protests against Hillary will stop are a pipe dream.

Norman Solomon, a Sanders delegate from California said, “Complacency is inappropriate, that being here for a celebration is totally inappropriate. We’re supposed to unify behind complacency?”

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