Beware of Following a Blind Shepherd; No, Christians are Not Obligated to Join the Trump Train

I recently read Dr. Wayne Grudem’s article suggesting a vote for Trump was the morally right choice.  Dr. Grudem is a Trump apologist, plain and simple.  His language is littered with qualifiers to excuse Trump’s actions and statements, and his thesis is based on several faulty assumptions.  

Dr. Grudem mentions Trump did a great job of raising his kids.  Well, they are Liberals.  According to Donald, Ivana and others raised them and he had no hand in that accomplishment (just like his Atlantic City success that was largely credited by those knowledgeable of Trump’s operations to Stephen F. Hyde, who died in a 1989 helicopter crash with Mark Etess and Jonathan Benanav, two other top Trump executives.)

Dr. Grudem mentions Trump’s generosity and good deeds.  I would direct Dr. Grudem to Christ’s words in Matthew 6:1-3 about good deeds and charity.  Trump frequently broadcasts his deeds and charity (frequently with inflated figures) for public consumption.  He loves the spotlight.

Trump’s stance on abortion is nearly as new as the “R” behind his name, and subject to change.  He was Pro-Abortion until a few years ago and continues to have his wet finger in the air to gauge his audience’s position on abortion so he may adjust his accordingly.  If he were staunchly Pro-Life, he’d know the arguments to support a Pro-Life view – he apparently does not or cannot articulate those arguments to support the position.  Nor does he seek the council of people, such as Matt Walsh, who could arm him with a better understanding of the issue.  

Let me underscore here, that this failure to seek wise, capable council is a theme in his campaign and is unlikely to change in his presidency.  He simply does not put forth the necessary effort to strengthen his understanding of issues or ability to articulate them.  Capable advisors who might provide counsel choose to avoid Trump because of his fondness for character assassination and policy flip-flop.  So Trump is truly unable to recruit the best advisors.   

Many of Trump’s stances have changed 180 degrees this past week from the positions he claimed to hold when nominated, and even then he was off message on many issues dear to the Republican Party’s platform.  This demonstrates a man without solid convictions.  If he were patriotic, as Dr. Grudem asserts, his foundation for that patriotism as a Republican candidate would be a solid respect for and understanding of the Constitution.  Trump has, on numerous occasions, demonstrated an alarming lack of understanding of founding principles and the Constitution, as if he’s never read the founding documents or at least lacks a functional grasp of their ideas.    

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Pascal’s Wager suggests that we believe in God because if we are right, we’re saved, but if we are wrong, we’ve sacrificed our soul to eternal damnation.  I propose the Trump Wager (he’ll like that I used his name).  It suggests America’s best wager is to distrust Trump.  

If America is wrong in distrusting him, we’ve voted for someone else (not Hillary) with greater character and ideological consistency.  If instead America is right in distrusting Trump and does not dismiss all the warning signs God has provided us that this man is not a good choice, we’ve avoided electing a megalomaniac whose only interest is promoting his own cult of personality, and I suspect, setting up a family dynasty akin to the Kennedy clan.  With that dynasty in mind, remember his children are Liberals and his sister is an ultra-Liberal judge who is likely one of his picks for vacant Supreme Court seats.  

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Let’s look at Trump’s knowledge and decisions.  His love of tariffs ignores history, as much of his policies do.  His lack of knowledge of history is only as alarming as the lack of guidance he seems to receive from advisors who should know history’s lessons.  

The Smoot-Hawley Tariff would be a good lesson about how tariffs backfire and result in drastic economic damage to the United States. Trump fires a lot of people because he’s either hot or cold on a person. He’s not a good judge of character.  He makes a lot of bad decisions he later has to “walk back”.  

He’s reversed his stance on taxes, something Dr. Grudem apparently ignored or missed since it was a recent flip-flop. He’s changed his view on minimum wage and demonstrates a lack of understanding of basic Austrian economics.  If you take his number of missteps during the year of campaigning and extrapolate that to 4 years, add in a nuclear arsenal, a penchant for overreacting before thinking, and the strongest economy with the largest debt load in the world, then you have a recipe for disaster.  In the role of President, he can’t afford to fumble that much.

We need to focus on getting a viable candidate of character to stop Hillary.  Trump is not the morally right choice when other candidates exist.  Sadly, like Pius XII before him, this man of the cloth, Dr. Grudem, has been easily co-opted by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  We need not be sheep that follow a blinded shepherd.    

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Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Texas A&M University and is a life-long Conservative making his home in Texas. @MyersKevinA

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