Big-Time Christian Singer Makes Endorsement in Presidential Race

Michael Tait - Image Source: Newsboys/Facebook

Contemporary Christian singer Michael Tait has had a long and illustrious career. He has been a major force within the Christian music industry since 1988 when he formed the band DC Talk along with two friends after graduating from Liberty University. The group made hits for over 13 years and are best known for their hit song Jesus Freak.

Though DC Talk is on hiatus, Tait has led a band bearing his name, Tait, and has been the lead singer for the Newsboys, featured in the hit movie God’s Not Dead, since 2009. The movie bears the same name as one of the group’s hit songs. Now, in addition to making waves in the music industry, Tait has made waves in the political realm with his endorsement in the 2016 presidential race.

Michael Tait, who is black, has said that he is 100-percent behind the Ted Cruz presidential campaign. Speaking with FOX News’ Todd Starnes, Tait said that he witnessed Cruz launch his presidential campaign at Liberty University in March of last year. He could see the “hunger” for “solid principles” and “drive” as he spoke. Afterwards, he was also impressed watching Cruz speak with others.

“I saw him, his family, the way he talked to people in person. I saw his drive, his hunger for solid principles, solid ideas going forward in our country that, even as an African-American, if you want to get really technical about it, I support 100 percent.”

Seemingly taking a shot at Donald Trump, Tait said he believes that it is Cruz’s leadership that is “going to make this country great again.”

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Addressing the Christian voter, a group that Republicans desperately would like to turn out to vote, Michael Tait expressed his sentiment that it is important that people of faith vote with their faith in mind in order to ensure that they are voting for someone with honesty and integrity, as well as someone who will protect our freedom.

“People of faith should vote for a man they believe in,” Tait said. “A man they feel can do the job, not falter, not say one thing before the election and do another whole thing after the election, a man that stands his ground, keeps his word, protects our freedom — that’s who you should vote for.”

It’s a timely reminder since Christians across America have increasingly been subjected to attacks and lawsuits by not only bullying progressives but also by the government at the local, state, and federal levels.

Tait’s endorsement of Texas Senator Ted Cruz for president comes on the heels of the controversial endorsement of Donald Trump’s campaign by Liberty University president Jerry Falwell, Jr. Following that endorsement, prominent Liberty alumni spoke out against Falwell’s endorsement of Trump.

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Chelsea Patterson was Liberty University’s 2013 senior class president. She now works on Capitol Hill in D.C. After Falwell’s endorsement of Trump, she said, “[Fallwell Jr.] would not have his platform if not for his father’s name and the school. Even though he did make the endorsement in his personal capacity, he’s not stupid—he has to realize that it reflects on students, on teachers, on staff, on donors, and on the school.”

Was the decision of Michael Tait to endorse Ted Cruz for President of the United States one made to distance himself from the Falwell endorsement of Trump?

While that is not known, one thing that is certain is that Tait said he has been following Cruz “for awhile” and that his message is one he can “believe in.”

WATCH the Newsboys sing their hit song, God’s Not Dead.

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