Bill Clinton Says that He Might Vote for… Bernie? Yes, Really…

Former President Bill Clinton has been campaigning hard for his wife, Hillary. Though he has made some missteps, most would be safe in assuming that Bill would like to move back into the White House.

Still, he has revealed an instance where he might actually cast his influential delegate vote for Bernie Sanders, his wife’s opponent in the Democrat primary.

The Democrat Party has both delegates and superdelegates. Superdelegates are remarkably un-egalitarian fixtures in the Democrat Party that are unbound, which means that despite what the constituents want, they may vote for whatever candidate they choose at the convention.

Many superdelegates have pledged to support Hillary no matter what- even if she loses the state primary.

Bill Clinton is a superdelegate, but revealed that he would vote for Bernie Sanders if he wins the primary in New York.

As an illustration of how meaningless voting in Democrat primaries truly is, currently, Hillary is leading Sanders by 701 delegates thanks largely to the 469 superdelegates who have already declared that they will be supporting Hillary.

Bill Clinton even revealed that not only would he be willing to cast his vote for Bernie if that was what the people wanted, but he also revealed that he has voted against his wife before.

“It happened last time,” Clinton stated. “Last time I did what my candidate asked, I voted for Barack Obama” at the convention.”

Credit where due: though Bill may be the embodiment of a slimy politician, it’s laudable that he is willing to represent the interests of those who have entrusted him to represent them at the convention.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the system is so dysfunctional that merely doing what you’re supposed to do is a courageous act and when Slick Willy Clinton is a beacon of integrity in electoral politics in comparison to others.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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