Bill Maher Admits Socialism Like ‘Herpes’; Promises to Send Socialist Sanders a Check Anyway [VIDEO]

Socialists Bernie Sanders and Bill Maher, Image Credit: "Real Time with Bill Maher" via screenshot on YouTube

A slobbering lovefest occurred on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday when wild-eyed socialist Bernie Sanders appeared for an interview, snagging an endorsement from the hateful leftist “comedian.”

The leftist duo attempted to put lipstick on the big government, anti-freedom pig that is socialism, trying to “undemonize” the word that cannot be cleaned up, as it forces individuals to give up their God-given individual rights for the sake of the collective, i.e., government.

“The last man your age to cause this kind of excitement I gotta think is Mick Jagger,” Maher began the show after Uncle Bernie entered the stage to shouts from the useful idiots in the crowd of “Bernie, Bernie!”

Maher, a hard-core leftist in his own right, who every once in a while throws truth a bone, admitted that the word socialism is a conversation-stopper with most Americans, comparing it to “herpes.”

“My question to you — I guess — is the word ‘socialist.’ I want to get right to this because I want to help your campaign,” Maher admitted. “I want to see you get the nomination.”

“They hear ‘socialist,’ and they think ‘herpes,’ Bernie,” the serpent-like Maher told the 74-year-old grouchy codger.

Watch below as Maher and Sanders publicly strategize on how they can brainwash Americans into accepting un-American, anti-freedom, anti-Constitutional socialism, i.e., by “educating” them on the glorious benefits of socialism, the system employed by those great countries in history like Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, Nazi Germany, and the USSR.

The normally mudslinging Maher lamented that since Sanders has no Super PAC, he would be limited by election laws to only being able to contribute $5,400 to socialist Sanders.

h/t: Mediaite

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