Bill Nye Blames Tornadoes on ‘Climate Change.’ REAL Scientists Publicly Shame Him…

I, like all kids, got excited when the teacher brought in a TV and VCR. It meant a break from the monotony of schoolwork and a chance to see something vaguely interesting. More of a history buff than a science enthusiast, I preferred a good PBS documentary over the latest episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy, but a boy looking for a break from workbooks couldn’t be picky.

Bill Nye used to explain science in easily-digestable terms for children. Without overwhelming the students, he would explain simple science and it was always fairly entertaining.

Now, however, Nye spends his days shilling for the global warming alarmists who rely on hysteria and emotion rather than reason and demonstrable science to further their “climate change” hustle.

Nye has joined the dark side of science and has even gone so far as to offer his support for imprisoning those who dare to question the politicized “science” surrounding so-called “climate change.”

The “scientist” who holds six honorary degrees has not published a single paper in a peer-reviewed journal but has, instead, been making the rounds for the past twenty or so years speaking at length about how fun science is.

In order to stay relevant, Nye has capitalized on the militancy of the eco-fascists to announce any and all weather as symptoms of “climate change.”

In April, as Texas endured flooding, Nye pronounced the flooding to be a symptom of “climate change.”

Now, as tornadoes touch down in America’s heartland (as they have done for centuries), Nye has taken to social media to once again proclaim such weather to be the result of “climate change” and implored us to “take climate change seriously.”


Any “scientist” who points to standard weather events as proof of so-called “climate change” is not only being intellectually dishonest, but should be revealed to be nothing but a bought-and-paid-for shill for those who profit from furthering “climate change” hysteria.

Evidently, real scientists with real degrees are not impressed with the TV personality’s assessment and chimed-in to correct the propagandist:


Matt Daniel, a meteorologist for 13WMAZ in Atlanta called Nye out for his dishonesty:


John Honore, a meteorologist for Kris6 News in Corpus Christi, Texas, also laid some knowledge on Nye:


Nye is a television personality who pretends to serve as a scientific authority on so-called “climate change.”

The truly sad part about the climate change hustle is that there may actually be lessons to be learned about our climate, but such lessons are buried and obscured by the fraud and profiteering that surrounds this discussion.

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Greg Campbell
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