Bill O’Reilly Surprisingly Comes to Ted Cruz’s Defense After the CNN GOP Debate; Here’s Why

Bill O’Reilly had Ted Cruz on as a guest following Wednesday night’s GOP presidential debate, which was hosted by CNN, and contends that Cruz is being frozen out — is being treated unfairly — by liberal debate moderators who are limiting his speaking time.

O’Reilly points out that Cruz received only the eighth most minutes talking, out of the eleven candidates on stage, even though most polls show him much higher, usually in third or fourth place.

The O’Reilly Factor host explained that Ted Cruz received 10:37 worth of airtime, far behind Donald Trump at 18:30, who received the most time and is the current GOP frontrunner, and Jeb Bush, who is far behind Cruz in most polls, but still received the second most face time at 15.36.

O’Reilly was not the only one with criticism of debate moderators for the glaringly obvious snubbing of Ted Cruz. Conservative talk radio legend and constitutional scholar Mark Levin took to Twitter to make a similar statement.

“I would have liked more air time,” Cruz responded. “This is the second time in a row — FOX did the same thing, where they didn’t ask me a whole lot of questions.”

Cruz told O’Reilly that ultimately the voters will grade his debate performance, but said that he was happy with his performance because he steered away from getting involved in the “schoolyard insults” displayed by some at the debate, and that voters are interested in a “consistent conservative,” and not just a “campaign conservative.”

“I think what the voters are looking for — they’re not interested in the back and forth, the schoolyard insults that a lot of the debate focused on — They’re interested in substance.

And there’s a real difference in the records of the different candidates. On this stage, there were an awful lot of what I call ‘campaign conservatives,’ people who talk a good game, but they haven’t walked the walk.

I think people are looking for a consistent conservative, someone who has been the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I think in this debate, people were able to see a stark difference between my record and the record of the other candidates. Whether it was on amnesty — they’ve supported it, I’ve opposed it. Whether it was on Obamacare — I’ve led the fight to stop it — others have not. Or whether it’s the Second Amendment and religious liberty, I think Republican primary voters are looking for a consistent conservative who they can trust to do what he said he will do.”

After O’Reilly asked whether Cruz, a principled constitutional conservative was being punished by the media for his “hard right” stance, Cruz got specific.

“A classic example was when there was a question asked about global warming,” Cruz explained. “And the moderator asked a couple of folks who basically ran away from the issue and were afraid to take it on. I tried to jump in and say, ‘Hey you want a skeptic? I’ll happily be one.’ And the moderator didn’t want me to answer that,” Cruz contended.

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Cruz said that in regards to global warming or “climate change” we should follow the data and the data shows there has been no global warming, according to satellite data, for over 18 years.

“That is an inconvenient fact for the advocate of big government policies that would drive up your and my electric bills,” Cruz asserted.

FOX News pointed out following the debate that a whopping 44% of the questions asked by CNN moderators were about Donald Trump, and not the important issues facing the nation.

O’Reilly surmised that political correctness is responsible for Cruz being snubbed by the media.


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