Biracial ESPN Host SCHOOLS Hypocrites on Diversity, Gets Attacked in a Disgusting Way

ESPN's Sage Steele

I admit that although I watch a lot of football, I don’t tend to watch a lot of the analyst shows on ESPN since they have started using their platform to push progressive ideologies as an additional arm of the Democrat Party. I don’t know how many times I have implored ESPN and the NFL Network to stop mixing politics with sports. I, like many, tune into sports as an escapism from politics and I don’t need some know it all, conservative-bashing, sports host to lecture me on why my belief system is wrong. (Looking at you, Bob Costas.)

It seems that when someone whose political views falls on the right side of the aisle, or even someone whose statements don’t fall in line with progressive, cultural Marxism, speaks out on even a sports network like ESPN or NFL Network, they find themselves canned. But, someone like Bob Costas can constantly attack our constitutional rights and not only keep his job but continue to be the signature person covering the Olympics.

Recently, ESPN finally admitted that they mistreat conservatives and it is killing their ratings. There was no denying this fact after America learned about the hundreds of thousands of subscribers ESPN has lost and their massive drop in ratings since they have praised the anti-America protest of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and others. The leftist sports network’s public editor, James Brady, made a stunning admission.

ESPN is far from immune from the political fever that has afflicted so much of the country over the past year. Internally, there’s a feeling among many staffers — both liberal and conservative — that the company’s perceived move leftward has had a stifling effect on discourse inside the company and has affected its public-facing product. Consumers have sensed that same leftward movement, alienating some…. For most of its history, ESPN was viewed relatively apolitically. Its core focus was — and remains today, of course — sports. Although the nature of sports meant an occasional detour into politics and culture was inevitable, there wasn’t much chatter about an overall perceived political bias. If there was any tension internally, it didn’t manifest itself publicly.

Ben Shapiro summed up ESPN’s self-imposed, self-destruction brilliantly.

ESPN has been hemorrhaging viewers because of its outspoken politics. From giving Caitlyn Jenner a heroism award to stumping for Black Lives Matter, from pushing gun control to praising Kaepernick’s heroism, from firing Curt Schilling for expressing anti-radical Islam sentiments to threatening Chris Broussard for taking a religious view of homosexuality while doing nothing about Kevin Blackistone for calling the national anthem a “war anthem,” ESPN has become – as I’ve long said – MSNBC with footballs.

Enter Sage Steele, host of ESPN’s Sportscenter on the Road and NBA Countdown on ABC. Steele is a military brat who also happens to be biracial. Her father, Gary Steele, is black and was the first black football player to play varsity at West Point in the mid-1960s.. He was inducted into the Army Sports Hall of Fame in 2013. Her mother, Mona, is white. Unlike Barack Obama, our current president who is lauded as being the “first black president” despite the fact that he is biracial, Steele is proud not only biracial heritage, but is also the mother of biracial children since her husband is white.

Steele came under fire by many on the left after she tweeted a message to Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ star wide receiver Mike Evans, who also happens to be biracial, after he refused to stand for the National Anthem the Sunday after Veterans’ Day in protest of the election of Donald Trump as president.

I don’t know what Steele’s politics are. What I do know is that she is a proud military brat. It wasn’t because of race or politics that she sent her tweet. It was simply her reminder to Mike Evans about those who lost their lives so that he could have the freedom to insult America’s flag and America herself.

Of course, the left would have none of that. To them, especially black leftists, as a woman who is half black, Steele should fall in line with the monolithic mindset and thought that all blacks are expected to or open herself up to attacks.

And attacked she was.

Miko Grimes, wife of Evans teammate Brent Grimes, went off on Steele with a series of racially charged, vulgarity laced tweets. She has since taken the tweets down, but the contents were captured beforehand.


This is not Grimes’ first time to cause controversy with her unhinged rants and anger. In fact, the Miami Dolphins admitted that her unstable antics played a role in their decision to release her husband.

For her part, Steele responded with class and grace in an epic, beautiful, and powerful Facebook post which is worth every moment of your time to read.

Here is one of the most powerful, and sadly true, statements from her epic, yet classy, rant in her closing statements.

Instead of praising or uplifting each other, way too many people of color choose to tear down, mock and spew hatred at other blacks who feel differently, think differently, or make decisions that are different from theirs. That, my friends, is hypocrisy at its best. Or should I say, its hypocrisy at its worst. Here’s the thing:

You don’t get a hall-pass just because you’re a minority. Racism is racism, no matter what color your skin is. So when you call me a sell-out, or a coon, or an Uncle Tom, or any other derogatory term to let me know that you disagree with me, you lose every ounce of credibility with those whom you deem racist at the drop of a hat. Does racism against African-Americans/people of color exist? Of course! It disgusts me more than anyone knows and as far as we have come, there is still such a long way to go. I have personally felt it on too many occasions to count, and I will continue to fight it for me, my family and everyone else out there who truly does believe in diversity. But the fact that so many of us actually have to fight back against other within our own race, is incomprehensible and frankly, it’s pathetic. So go ahead. Keep on keepin-on with that double-standard. That hypocrisy. Just know that every time you do, its sets us back even further, and I refuse to be a part of it. Instead, isn’t it time to look ourselves in the mirror and be accountable for our own actions, and not just point the finger at others? Isn’t it time to truly celebrate how beautifully diverse African-Americans are? Believe it or not, we can disagree and still be civil. Respectful. Kind. Accepting of our differences. Isn’t that what DIVERSITY is all about? EMBRACE DIVERSITY…but mean it. All the time, not just when it’s convenient for you. I pray that we can all begin to have more open-minded, non-judgmental, healthy conversations to ensure that diversity applies to ALL Americans, all of the time.

Of course, espousing her beliefs even further and calling out those who attack blacks who go against, and dare to speak out against, the progressive line of victimization and call blacks out on their own bigotry got her attacked even further by Black Sports Online’s Robert Littal.

The tone of the post is set right from the beginning. This has post has nothing to do with diversity but just bashing black people while praising that she is bi-racial and that makes her superior.

Black people are the minority, the only way diversity can be achieved is if the majority embraces it, but in Steele’s mind it is black people’s fault it isn’t happening.

She uses a bunch of stereotypes to try to prove her point.

He didn’t stop there with proving Steele’s point that when a black person expresses an opinion outside of the “mainstream” of what blacks are “supposed to think,” then they get attacked. This time, he attacked not only her but her white husband and white mother as well as accusing her of only mentioning her black father “in passing.”

You know what is interesting about this paragraph, the two people she says should get praised.


You know who really took the risk, during the Civil Rights movement?


He is the one who could have been killed, but no praise for him.  I want you to REALLY read what she just said, she wants you to PRAISE a white men for marrying a black woman as if black women are some sort of plague. She wants you to PRAISE a white woman for marrying a black man as if she saved him from all the horrors of black women in the world.

Only a passing mention of her black father, who if anyone should be PRAISED, but god forbid a black man is praised before a white woman or man, because as Sage clearly states black people are the problem here not white people who should be praised.

This is the kind of sick crap and judgment that black people who dare to express an opinion counter to what progressives think is alright experience.

Thanks, Mr. Littal and Mrs. Grimes, for proving Sage Steele’s point, even if it was inadvertent.

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