Black Baker Accused of Being Racist for Naming Pastry After Obama

Despite the pronouncements of Eric Holder to the contrary, a black woman in Portland, OR (where else?) is being accused of racism for naming a pastry “Mr. President,” a reference to Barack Obama, who is typically referred to as America’s “first black president” even though his mom is whiter than Casper the friendly ghost.

Having heard that Barack Obama’s favorite cookie was the Oreo, owner of Fat Cupcake, Anjelica Hayes, decided to honor the president by naming a pastry after him, which she describes as an Oreo Cookie baked inside white cake with cookies n’cream buttercream.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports that customers have been leaving negative Yelp reports on the establishment over the “Mr. President” pastry, calling the gesture “racist.”

In early September, however, not long after opening, the shop ran into some trouble when Portland customers became upset by the “Mr. President” cupcake, described on the menu as “Oreo (™) Cookie baked inside white cake, cookies n’ cream buttercream.”

On Yelp, one reviewer wrote, “Very troubling. They were serving a cupcake called the ‘Mr. President’ that had an Oreo cookie inside. When I tried to point out the racism implied, they claimed that ‘our current president loves Oreos.'”

When we called to ask Anjelica Hayes, the owner of Fat Cupcake, about the accusations of racism, she responded, “I have been asked this so many times.”

She said over the phone Monday, unequivocally, that she isn’t racist.

For one thing, she said, “I myself am black.”

Portland, Oregon is a beautiful area but nevertheless has been hijacked by left-wing communist kooks and progressive leftist social justice imbeciles, so it couldn’t come as a large surprise that a black woman is being called a racist. A major tenant of Cultural Marxism is to make all things racist all the time and it clearly looks as though we are firmly in that mode.



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