Black Chicago Activist Gives Democrats an Epic Verbal Beatdown [VIDEO]

The city of Chicago has been run by Democrats for decades. The political cesspool of Chicago has produced corrupt politicians such as Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett and Bobby Rush. All are Democrats. The city has seen numerous Democrat politicians go to prison for various felony offenses including, most recently, former Rep. Jessie Jackson, Jr. and former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

We’re supposed to believe that, despite the corruption that runs rampant in the city of Chicago, aptly named by NBC News in 2008 as the “Land of Greased Palms,” Barack Obama emerged as pure as the driven snow. No one rises to such power so quickly from Chicago being clean of any corruption and dirty dealings. Although the city typically overwhelmingly votes Democrat, some people are on to the lying ways of these leftist politicians.

Black activists in Chicago have been protesting regarding the death of Laquan McDonald. Thirteen months ago, McDonald was killed by a police officer. Dash cam video of the shooting was recently released. The officer, Jason Van Dyke, shot McDonald 16 times. A murder charge was filed against Van Dyke, but it took over one year to do so. For this reason, some black activists are calling for the resignations of Democrat mayor Rahm “Deadfish” Emanuel who was formerly an advisor to Obama and his chief of staff, as well as Cooks County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, who is also a Democrat.

Zerlina Smith describes herself as a independent grassroots activist, but proudly touts her endorsements from the International Socialist Organization and various unions when she ran for an alderman seat in the 29th district. She is definitely left-leaning politically, but she made it crystal clear during an interview with Breitbart that she sees through the lies told by Democrats in the city accusing them of being “on the take” and interested only in power and lining their own pockets.

Smith levied harsh, and well-deserved, criticism on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and called for him to leave his position as mayor. She said, “Our mayor has lied one too many times to the people of Chicago and it’s time for him to step down.” Smith continued with her hard-hitting criticism saying, “If he wants to really be a leader, he need to take control and start cleaning up his mess internally and shoveling his shit out.”

There was also no love on the part of Smith for entrenched Democrat politicians like Rep. Bobby Rush, a former Black Panther leader who is incidentally supported by the Communist Party USA, and Rep. Danny Davis. She expressed disgust for how too many politicians only appear in the community when there is a tragedy to exploit it for political gain rather than trying to truly make a difference in their community.

“Don’t come out and use the death of our children,” Smith said of the Democrats in Chicago, a city storied for its corruption. “You have elected officials who have the power to bring about change in our community. They’re on the take.”

Recognizing the corruption in the “Land of the Greased Palms,” Smith called out politicians for being bought puppets.

Smith finished with a blunt take on the Democrats. “Our elected officials are puppets, and they do what they’re told told because they have a dollar amount and an X on their back by the Mayor, by the Governor, by whomever that they can be bought by.”

The entire interview with Smith is a powerful one that should be watched. It is one that many in the leftstream media will likely ignore because it is a leftist local black activist lashing out at corrupt Democrat leadership for how they use and abuse the black community while simultaneously feeding them lies.

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Jennifer Burke
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