Black Democrat Rep Calls Out #BlackLivesMatter Movement for Ignoring Planned Parenthood

The #BlackLivesMatter movement allows their own racism to show when they freak out over someone saying that #AllLivesMatter. During a recent event, Democrat presidential candidate Martin O’Malley was booed, then forced to apologized for having the audacity to say that #AllLivesMatter. In fact, when he uttered those words, then tried to initially “clean it up” for the militant crowd by adding “Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, ” the #BlackLivesMatter crowd actually booed even louder. Now, the group is being called out for their glaring hypocrisy, and by a black Democrat no less.

Rep. Bill Patmon, who is not only a Democrat but is also black, is a representative in the Ohio state legislature. He spoke at a rally called #WomenBetrayed on Tuesday and became one of the few Democrats to speak out against the atrocities being done by Planned Parenthood which has been revealed by the group Center for Medical Progress after a nearly three year undercover investigation.

Patmon said, “You hear a lot of demonstrations across the country now about ‘Black Lives Matter. Well they skipped one place. They should be in front of Planned Parenthood. You say, ‘Well, you’re kind of strident, aren’t you?’ I say, ‘No, not when 5,499 abortions are in Cuyahoga County, which I happen to represent, and 63 percent of them are black women.”

Though many a person has been bullied, attacked, shamed, and smeared by the #BlackLivesMatter movement for daring to say that any other lives matter, Patmon told the group that Black lives matter and American lives matter.

He then laid out statistics to make his case, a case that conservatives have been making for years. Planned Parenthood, founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger with a goal to target and exterminate those she deemed inferior, which included blacks, still carries on her legacy to this day by killing off the black race.

Patmon boldly stated, “It is my business, especially when 17 million of them are black women, 17 million, more than any other population, 17 million that look and act and talk …similar to myself, but even more than that, they’re Americans, and they’re human beings.”

The Democrat let it be known that he is more than just about using words to blast Planned Parenthood, but he is willing to take action. Patmon said he introduced legislation on Tuesday to defund the abortion factory known as Planned Parenthood.

In order to fulfill Sanger’s legacy to exterminate the black race, Planned Parenthood preys on black women, under the guise of providing health care, to encourage them to murder their unborn children. Shockingly, Patmon called Planned Parenthood out for these tactics as well stating that his mother, who only had an 8th grade education, would have been a prime candidate for Planned Parenthood’s predatory tactics.

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“She [his mother] would have been just what [Planned Parenthood is] looking for – not much education, a desire to succeed, and being told, ‘You can do this later. Let’s get rid of this one.’ Well she didn’t get rid of this one,” Patmon said.

Will other Democrats follow Patmon’s bold lead in calling out both Planned Parenthood for their murderous activities with a heavy emphasis on killing black babies and the #BlackLivesMatter movement for railing against the police when black on black murder and abortion kills far more black people every single second?

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