Black Friday: Jeb Bush Campaign Crashing; Announces Major Restructuring to Stay Afloat

Establishment RINO Jeb Bush, still fighting the “low energy” label assigned to him by fellow Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, has even bigger problems on his hands.

The once cash-rich squish, who entered the race with the “shock and awe” amount of $100 million in the bank, is bleeding cash and having to slash campaign staffer payroll in order to stay afloat.

On Friday, Jeb Bush, the former front-runner and assumed GOP nominee, who in 2009 misidentified as a “Hispanic,” announced an across-the-board pay cut for his campaign. The beleaguered Bush is cutting ties with some consultants and downsizing his Miami campaign headquarters.

Bloomberg reports that the campaign in cutting payroll by a whopping 40 percent this week “except for dollars earmarked for TV advertising and spending for voter contacts, such as phone calls and mailers.”

All but the “most entry level staff [will be] taking cuts” according to a Bush campaign memo and travel cuts will also be slashed by 20%.

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The campaign memo insists that pro-amnesty, pro-Common Core Jeb Bush is still in the campaign for the long-haul and to win, while taking a shot at Trump at the same time.

“It’s no secret that the contours of this race have changed from what was anticipated at the start,” the campaign memo states. “We would be less than forthcoming if we said we predicted in June that a reality television star supporting Canadian-style single-payer health care and partial-birth abortion would be leading the GOP primary.”

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
A former Washington State U.S. Congressional candidate in 2010, Matthew attended the nation’s first modern day Tea Party in 2009 in Seattle, Washington. He also began writing and blogging that year. Matthew became a Certified Financial Planner in 1995 and was a Financial Advisor for 24 years in his previous life. Matthew was one of the three main writers leading a conservative news site to be one of the top 15 conservative news sites in the U.S. in a matter of months. He brings to PolitiStick a vast amount of knowledge about economics as well as a passion and commitment to the vision that our Founding Fathers had for our Republic.

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