Black Judge Lowers the BOOM on #BlackLivesMatter Terrorist; and It’s Awesome! [VIDEO]

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Latausha Nedd, A.K.A. “Eye Empress Sekhmet,” was loud and bold while making videos calling for an “open season on killing cracker cops.” In fact, while making that call to action to the #BlackLivesMatter anarchists and terrorists, Nedd pointed a gun at the camera to get her point across.

Now that she is standing trial for her actions, she is trying to sing a different tune, but the judge isn’t buying it.

Nedd, who is black, is being represented by a black attorney, prosecuted by a black attorney, in a hearing before Clayton County Judge Wanda Dallas, who is also black. Though her attorney is arguing that Nedd’s call to violence and encouraging blacks to kill cracker cops, while wielding a machete and pointing guns at the camera, is protected by the First Amendment, Judge Dallas begs to differ, and her words just might make her a target of the BLM terrorists.

As the Black Lives Matter radicals held a rally outside the courthouse, demanding that Need be freed and chanting “black power,” Judge Dallas called out Nedd for her dangerous actions, even accusing her of attempting to incite domestic terrorism.

After her attorney, Gerald Greg, claimed that there was nothing criminal about Nedd calling for open season on killing cracker cops because he believes it is protected speech, Judge Dallas responded, “I do find that your client was inciting others to commit acts of domestic terrorism.” She said that Nedd’s actions “inflamed and incited those who heard her message.”

Judge Dallas then offered a reminder to Nedd and her attorney of some of her violent and inflammatory words. “Burn down police stations, take cops gun day. Really? That’s not a threat to you?” Judge Dallas stated.

But she didn’t stop there. She then lowered the boom even further by calling Nedd out on her actions.

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The Judge said, “More violence to protest violence gets us nowhere. You show two police officers and say it’s open season on killing cracker cops … does that fix the problems that we have in this country?”

The answer to any reasonable and sane person is no it does not.

But, that won’t prevent the #BlackLivesMatter anarchists from continuing to inflict terrorism upon society, destroying property, blocking streets and highways, and advocating for the killing of whites and police officers. They have demonstrated that they are committed to these acts of terrorism.

Sadly, their racist acts of terrorism and dangerous messaging have been supported by Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrat Party.

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