Black Lives Matter: Kim Kardashian’s Hair is Racist

A leading Black Lives Matter terrorist group leader, Shanelle Matthews, who leads communications for the black supremacist communist front group, argues that the Kardashians are racist for appropriating “Boxer braids,” which is a new, more politically correct term for what was formerly called “cornrows.”

The professional racial industry profiteer accused the highly popular Kardashians of somehow cashing in on pretending to be black — or something — and that they aren’t any better that what she deems to be other racists in society.

“Banking on blackness is a shameful enterprise, and the Kardashians are no better than racist judges, prison officials, and corporations who make money off the incarceration of black bodies,” Matthews told The Daily Caller. “[Celebrities] are earning by mimicking our looks, some of which we are berated for wearing in public,” she argued.

Matthews wasn’t done there, telling The DC that the Kardashians are trying to hijack other features she considers off limits to anyone whose skin pigmentation isn’t of a certain tone.

The Kardashians are trying to be black without understanding the significance of being black, Matthews said. Creating features like the curvaceous derriere and full lips, wearing tight clothes and using nomenclature from the black community is insulting, she said. It does nothing to empower the black community and instead steals from it while giving nothing back.

“The black experience in unique and rife with discomfort, and it is about more than what we wear and how we talk,” Matthews said.

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Seriously? Tight clothes are racist now, too? I can go down to Walmart right now and find 100 fat women wearing tight clothing. Is she going to tell me that all these people are racist, or that, somehow, black women are the only ones allowed to wear tight clothes? Geez, woman. Get a freaking life!

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Matthew K. Burke
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