Black Professor Cries Racism; the Dashcam Video Reveals Major Lie

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Imani Perry is a professor in the African-American Studies Department at Princeton University. After this weekend, she is also exposed to be a colossal lying race baiter who is actively working to perpetuate the false narrative that police officers target, harass, and mistreat black people simply because of the color of their skin.

After being stopped by two white police officers in Princeton, New Jersey, Perry went off in a 1,201 word Facebook rant accusing police of mistreating her due to racism. Unfortunately for Perry, dash cam video from the patrol car exposes her to be an outright liar.

Police stopped Perry for going 67 miles per hour in a posted 45 mile per hour zone. She also had a warrant out for her arrest for a three-year-old, $130 outstanding parking ticket. Beyond that, Perry has a case against her in Abington, Pennsylvania for driving an unregistered vehicle.

Given all of these incidents, police did handcuff Perry and place her under arrest. After all, that’s what police do when they encounter someone that has a warrant out for their arrest. But, it is what Perry claims happened after that is a clear attempt to smear the police by playing the race card.

In her Facebook rant, the race baiter Perry accused police of rude frisking. She actually accused them of more than that upping the rhetoric with lies as race baiters often do.

“This was my first time in handcuffs,” Perry wrote on Facebook. “They were very cold on my arthritic wrists. I have been thinking about how vulnerable they make you feel.”

Perry also righteously threw down the race card.

“Now, make no mistake, I do not believe I did anything wrong,” she wrote. “But even if I did, my position holds. The police treated me inappropriately and disproportionately. The fact of my blackness is not incidental to this matter.”

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In fact, her ‘blackness’ did not have anything to do with poor treatment because Perry wasn’t treated poorly at all. Dash cam video reveals two officers who were cordial, respectful, and very professional. (article continues below video.)

She upped the rhetoric in her Facebook post pushing the notion of ‘institutional racism,’ an allusion to ‘microaggression,’ as well as outright lashing out at police officers as being a bunch of racists.

In her Facebook rant, Perry cites institutionalized racism “from elementary school suspensions,to car purchases, to teachers recommending students for gifted and talented programs, to how often waiters visit your table in restaurants, to mortgages, to police stops and arrests.”

Perry, the parking ticket recipient who says she was ultimately able to pay her fine “without hesitation” to secure her release, also compares her fate to “poor Black, Indigenous, and Latino communities” which “experience disproportionate police surveillance, harassment, violence, and punishment.”

“I can say that what I experienced was far more likely because my skin is a deep brown, my nose is round, and my hair is coily,” Perry also claims.

Shame on Professor Imani Perry for feeding the dangerous fire of the war on police by joining the lying, race baiter crowd. Since the rise of ‘Black Lives Matter,’ based upon the ‘hands up don’t shoot’ lying narrative out of Ferguson,  police have had a target on their backs with the group outright calling for people to murder cops.

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Lies such as the ones told by Princeton professor Imani Perry only adds fuel to that fire. One has to wonder, if she would go so public with such blatant lies, using the race card based on lies to attack the police, exactly what is she teaching her students?

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