Black Women and Teenagers Beat White Homeless Man to Death. Do ALL Lives Matter?

The last year has been dominated by discussions of black supremacy. The Black Lives Matter “movement” is little else but a loose coalition of devout racists with a sprinkling of guilty white liberals who have been dumb enough to believe that they and their supposed “privilege” have been complicit in some sort of covert brand of institutional racism.

In reality, the Black Lives Matter “movement” is a rehashing of radical gripes and insistences that any slight suffered by a black person, real or imagined, demands compensatory and punitive actions.

As blacks in Ferguson, Missouri, rioted and looted to honor the memory of Michael Brown, a thug and robber, they insisted that “black lives matter”- and they were right. All lives matter, but saying as such is, to the devout racists of this “movement,” unacceptable.

But what about white lives? Do they matter? Though most human beings should assert that they do, it’s not uncommon to find those within this “movement” who assert that because of historical social inequalities, whites do not deserve to live.

A white homeless man who did nothing wrong discovered firsthand that in modern America, white lives simply don’t matter.

In April, three black women beat to death a 51-year-old homeless man named Robert Barnes and even brought along their teenage sons to aid in the savage attack.

The worst part? He was beat to death because of a lie told by one of the assailants’ ten-year-old boy.

Aleathea Gillard’s ten-year-old son pumped gas at a local station for tips. When he came home late and after falling off his bike, he told his mother that he had been struck by Barnes, who also pumped gas at the station for tips.

While most parents would be rightfully alarmed, Gillard assembled a posse and she, Shareena Joachim, and Kaisha Duggins accompanied their children, ages 12, 13 and 14, to beat Barnes to death with a hammer and a chair leg.

Barnes clung to life and was able to describe what had happened to him to paramedics. He was rushed into surgery as doctors raced to relieve pressure on the brain, but after 18 days in a coma, Barnes died.

The three teenagers pled guilty to charges of aggravated assault and conspiracy, but the three women are due to appear in court this week in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.

The story is tragic and hopefully, the family of Barnes will find justice. However, what this attack illustrates is a sobering reality that is facing modern America. It illustrates the palpable heinousness and rage that boils in society and it further illustrates the selective cherry-picking by the mainstream media.

A white citizen shot Trayvon Martin when Martin attacked him and it dominated the news cycles. A white police officer shot a thug who attacked him after attacking a convenience store clerk just minutes before and the media coverage prompted riots and looting. A New York criminal died in custody after incurring injuries during a fight with police and the country went nuts.

However, where is the call for justice for this man who did nothing? Where is the palpable media outrage insisting that white lives matter? That all lives matter?

It’s hardly surprising; after all, this is the same mainstream media that has spent years ignoring the prevalence of the “knockout game,” an activity involving mainly black youths beating the hell out of usually unsuspecting white people for no other reason than to gain notoriety online and with friends.

The below video shows the incident. Be forewarned: it’s disturbing.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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