Blackfaced Progressive NAACP Leader Refused to Let a Student Participate in an Activity for a Racist Reason

Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who has lived in blackface to pass as a black woman for years, recently resigned from her position as the president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington after her true racial identity was revealed by her parents. Dolezal, who is of Czech, Swedish, and German descent, has been altering her appearance from her pale, freckled white face and blonde hair in order to pass as black.

Since virtually disowning her parents, Dolezal claims a black man she knows through her work at the NAACP is her father, and has openly said she doesn’t give two sh*ts what anyone thinks about her lying about her ethnicity. Given the controversy surrounding the lies about her race, including questions of whether she broke laws in lying about her race on applications, the revelation by a former student of Dolezal’s at Eastern Washington University, located in Cheney, is simply stunning and highly hypocritical.

A few years ago, Dolezal was conducting a race experiment in her class called Fishbowl. In this activity, one student would sit in front of the class and answer questions from their classmates on their racial and cultural experience.

For the first round, Dolezal wanted a student with an Hispanic background. One young woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke with BuzzFeed about what happened to her after she raised her hand to volunteer. The course the young woman took from Dolezal occurred during her freshman year and fulfilled university academic requirements.

The student, who told BuzzFeed News that she identifies as Hispanic, grew up in a Spanish-speaking country, speaks the language fluently, and, while she has light skin, believes she has a “pretty solid experience of what it’s like to be Spanish.” She raised her hand to participate.


“I think we should ask another student,” the student recalled Dolezal saying in class.


The student asked why she could not participate.


“Rachel said I didn’t look Hispanic,” she said, and that her instructor “doubted that I could share experiences of racial or ethnic discrimination because I didn’t have the appearance of looking Hispanic.”


Dolezal instead selected another Hispanic-identified student to sit before the class.

She didn’t “look” Hispanic enough, says the woman who has been altering her white appearance, from her skin to her hair, to appear more and more black throughout the last few years so that she could claim she is a black woman.

Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black. (Pun intended.)

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Jennifer Burke
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