#BlackLivesMatter is Taking their Anarchism to an Entirely New Level

#BlackLivesMatter Agitators protesting for more cop killing in Minnesota. Image Credit: FOX News

If the #BlackLivesMatter movement has shown anything since its formation after Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson as he attacked a police officer, it’s that they will use anarchy and terrorism to get their message across and they could care less about the truth.

The movement was born out of a lie with many still pushing the erroneous narrative that Michael Brown had his hands up and begged for his life, saying “Don’t shoot,”  before being shot by Officer Darren Wilson. That simply did not happen. But, that has not stopped this group of anarchists from disrupting the daily lives of Americans in order to make people pay attention. Now, the group, which has claimed to be grassroots despite receiving funding from the likes of George Soros, is elevating their profile to a higher status through the formation of an official political action committee (PAC).

The Black Lives Matter PAC will work to be a major player in politics at both the national and local level.

The PAC intends to raise funds to donate to candidates that share its policy priorities, but per PAC rules will operate independently from any candidate’s campaign or committee.

The Post reports that long-time Democrat operative Kenny Murdock, a radio show host and former aide to past Missouri Democrat secretary of state Robin Carnahan, filed the papers with the Federal Elections Commission to register the PAC.

But when news emerged that Murdock was launching the PAC, some BLM groups expressed their surprise and noted that they had no knowledge or involvement in the effort.

Far left website Think Progress, for instance, hastened to point out in an October 15 article that this new PAC is not affiliated with the movement in any “official” way.

The formation of this PAC was reportedly done without consensus from those participating in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. But, still, once approved there will be a PAC bearing their name and lobbying with their message.

While BLM co-founder Alicia Garza has said there is no official connection, PAC founder Kenny Murdock has said his committee will act as “a branch on the tree of Black Lives Matter” by endorsing both local and federal political candidates, starting in Missouri and Illinois.

Murdock also said he hopes to meet one of the biggest challenges of a PAC – fundraising – by asking professional athletes for donations, noting that “money is starting to come in” already.

While many who are part of #BlackLivesMatter claim that the group is peaceful, the actions that have been demonstrated around the country say otherwise. In December 2014, the group disrupted Christmas shopping and Christmas tree lighting ceremonies. They have blocked major thoroughfares, freeways, streets, and even tried to block trains. They have protested outside of professional sporting events in an attempt to antagonize patrons thinking that this would be a good way to make people take them seriously.

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The #BlackLivesMatter has taken to such radical and anarchist methods of blocking roads without a care for whether emergency vehicles, first responders, or those in the medical profession are being prevented from getting to work to do their job.

These dangerous radicals have even begun interrupting political speeches and gatherings. The far-left wild-eyed socialist and Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders apparently wasn’t even radical enough for them as demonstrated by them driving him off the stage at an event in Seattle. Another Democrat presidential candidate, former Governor of Baltimore Martin O’Malley, was also chastised and made to repent when he had the audacity to say that all lives matter.

The impact of these so-called activists could be seen in the Democrat presidential debate when the candidates were asked by a constituent via video, “Do black lives matter or do all lives matter?”

All of the pandering Democrat candidates obediently stated that black lives matter. The only one who said that all lives matter was former Congressman Jim Webb who has since dropped out of the Democrat presidential race. Webb stuck out like a sore thumb at the debate as the only one not trying to ‘out socialist’ someone else.

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And now, they will have a PAC with plans to host presidential forums on the topics of race and criminal justice.

The Democrat National Committee has given its blessing to candidates participating in the forum. While the Republican National Committee did not make a direct statement regarding candidates participating in a #BlackLivesMatter forum, it is not standing in the way of anyone wanting to participate.

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