Bloomberg News Reveals WHEN Obama’s Gun Control Edict is Coming and WHAT it Will include…

President Obama has made it clear that he feels frustrated by the constitutional bounds imposed upon him and his office. Though his office wields significant power, it is not enough for the man who wants all the power of the federal government. While he is supposed to be in charge of executing the will of Congress, Obama has turned to unilateral lawmaking in recent years to impose his will in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

He has issued amnesty to millions of criminals and has issued over two dozen executive orders dedicated to imposing “laws” that were never voted-on or even proposed by Congress, the lawmaking branch of the federal government.

Before his time runs out in office, Obama has repeatedly declared that he intends to see gun control measures implemented one way or another. As the legislative branch has thoroughly rejected advancing further limitations upon our Second Amendment rights, Emperor Obama has pledged to act without Congress on gun control matters.

Many have speculated as to what this could entail. Bloomberg News, founded by notorious anti-Second Amendment crusader Michael Bloomberg, has revealed that Obama intends to issue his unlawful edict shortly after New Year’s Day and that the edict(s) will include provisions to eliminate private sales of firearms.

Bloomberg reports that the edict will mandate that those “in the business” of selling firearms will be forced to perform federal background checks.

Such measures, however, will only affect those who feel compelled to follow the law. Those seeking to obtain a firearm to commit heinous acts, however, will likely feel no hesitation about breaking an unconstitutional rule when they intend to inflict wholesale carnage in coming days.

Who will be affected, however, are those seek to exercise their Second Amendment rights without inviting government into the middle of the transaction- a government, mind you, that has become increasingly hostile to gun owners and their civil rights.

Obama’s crusade to expand background checks heightened significantly after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary. However, the shooter simply shot his mother and took her rifle to commit his nefarious deed, never having to bother with a background check.

Obama’s anti-Second Amendment fervor reignited after the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, in early October. Though the gunman obtained his firearms legally by undergoing a background check, Obama and his leftist minions feverishly sought to capitalize upon the deaths of students to further anti-Second Amendment measures that would have literally done nothing to stop the aforementioned shootings.

As his old friend Rahm Emanuel once claimed, “You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste.”…

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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