Bobby Jindal Lays Down the Gauntlet: Gives Awesome Challenge to Leftstream Media Over ‘Muslim President’ Question

GOP presidential candidate and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal blasted the leftstream media over their latest obsession intended to embarrass GOP candidates, asking them whether they would support a Muslim president.

The latest leftist media narrative to paint GOP candidates as bigots began to take shape after an apparent random Trump event attendee referred to our pro-Islam president, Obama, as a Muslim, a charge that Trump didn’t bother to refute or accept. Because Trump didn’t defend Obama against the accusation, leftist heads exploded throughout the lamestream media.

NBC’s Chuck Todd, a confirmed Obama sycophant, picked up the ball on Sunday, asking Dr. Ben Carson if the faith of a president mattered and if Carson would accept a Muslin president.

Carson schooled Todd that faith absolutely matters when that religion is counter to the U.S. Constitution.

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In a statement on Monday, Bobby Jindal called the line of questioning “absurd,” a “dumb game” and threw down the gauntlet, challenging the media to find a Muslim candidate who espouses American values and rights.

“This is a dumb game that the press is playing,” Jindal contended. “It is an absurd hypothetical question. But let’s indulge the media for a moment and play their gotcha game,” he said.

“If you can find me a Muslim candidate who is a Republican, who will fight hard to protect religious liberty, who will respect the Judeo-Christian heritage of America, who will be committed to destroying ISIS and radical Islam, who will condemn cultures that treat women as second class citizens and who will place their hand on the Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution, then yes, I will be happy to consider voting for him or her.

If you can’t, I’ll settle for voting for a Christian Governor from Louisiana.”

Here’s another question for Chuck Todd and other lefty robots in the media: Since the Muslim religion does not believe in freedom of speech, how are you going to get your Muslim president to take a oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution?

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