BOMBSHELL Report: Hillary Caught in $12 Million Quid Pro Quo With King Mohammed VI of Morocco

FOX News’ Ed Henry reported a blockbuster story on Thursday that newly leaked and released emails from WikiLeaks show Hillary Clinton herself arranging a $12 million donation from King Mohammed VI of Morocco in what certainly appears to be the kind of “pay to play” scheme the Clintons have long been accused of, but were too tricky covering their tracks to get caught or prosecuted.

“She created this mess and she knows it,” Clinton longtime aide Huma Abedin wrote in a January 18, 2015, email, with the mess referring to Hillary Clinton initially agreeing to speak at a May 2015, Clinton Global Initiative event in Morocco in exchange for the huge sum of money.

Henry said that Politico reported at the time a $1 million contribution from the government of Morocco might stoke more controversy. But the contribution was actually far bigger — $12 million according to the email from Human Abedin, Hillary’s top confidante.

Emails from Abedin to Clinton campaign heads John Podesta and Robby Mook show they were worried that the donation might harm the April 2015 launch of Clinton’s presidential campaign, Henry reports.

“Came up on our call with HRC [Hillary Rodham Clinton],” Mook wrote in one email. “John [Podesta] flagged the same issues we discussed, Huma. HRC said she’s sitll [sic] considering,” he wrote, referring to the speaking engagement.

Huma Abedin replied to Mook that the whole arrangement was Hillary Clinton’s idea.

“The condition upon which the Moroccans agreed to host the meeting was her participation. This was HRC’s idea, our office approached the Moroccans and they 100 percent believe they are doing this at her request. The King has personally committed approx $12 million.” 

Ed Henry reports that in 2011, the Clinton’s State Department charged that the Moroccan government was behind arbitrary arrests and corruption. But what would better defang that charge than having Hillary Clinton, a potential next president of the United States, speak in the country along with other government dignitaries?

During Wednesday’s last and final presidential debate, Donald Trump demanded that Hillary Clinton should return any large contributions from countries with bad human rights records and called the Clinton Foundation a “criminal enterprise.” Hillary Clinton largely sidestepped allegations of “pay to play” arrangements brought up during the debate, only stating that everything she did while Obama secretary of state was in the country’s best interests.

Henry further reports that the Moroccan event ended up being led by Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton while Hillary Clinton skipped it. Abedin warned in an email that Hillary skipping the event “will break a lot of china” with the Moroccan government, an indication that they would rather have the potential next president.

“When you’re in a sausage factory, it doesn’t always look so good,” longtime Clinton operative and loyal defender Lanny Davis said about the matter.

Watch Ed Henry’s stunning report below:

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Matthew K. Burke
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