BOMBSHELL Interview: What Really Happened During the Oregon Standoff?

“I ask our fellow Americans to unite and defend one another, to have compassion and protect one another. Just as we stood up to the bullies in school, when the bullies picked on defenseless schoolmates of ours, we as Americans have to stand united and defend federal government, large government bullies as well.” ~ Nevada Assemblywoman and U.S. congressional candidate, Michele Fiore, on the Oregon Standoff

Josh Bernstein interviews Michele Fiore begins at the 27:00 mark: 

The death of one of the greatest legal minds in our nation’s history has brought upon more questions than answers. Why did Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia not request a security detail?

Why did John Poindexter, who owned and operated the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Marfa, Texas, not try to resuscitate the judge? Why was Antonin Scalia found with a pillow over his head, fully dressed, and without his clothes or bedding wrinkled or crinkled?

Why did Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara not request an autopsy to rule out foul play? Why did the Scalia family not request an autopsy? Were they threatened? Why did Cinderela Guevara rule his death a heart attack and then changed it to “natural causes” even ruling on his death SIGHT UNSEEN over the telephone?

Did you also know that Guevara was and is an open borders activist who ran and won in 2014 with the campaign slogan “si se puede?” Also, this is NOT the first time Cinderela Guevara has had a controversy with not ordering an autopsy. This show is guaranteed to be the most in-depth analysis on the death of Antonin Scalia you will ever see.

Also on this week’s hard-hitting show, Nevada Assembly Woman Michele Fiore, who is also running for US Congress, was a pivotal person in the peaceful ending and resolution to the Oregon Standoff. She, along with Gavim Seim, Kris Ann Hall, and Franklin Graham lead Sandy and Sean Anderson, Jeff Banta and David Fry out of the Malheur Refuge safe and sound.

Michele gives us a FIRST-HAND ACCOUNT of the events that took place in the final hours as well as gives us updates on the arrested protesters. This was an ACTION PACKED SHOW!

Don’t miss it.

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Josh Bernstein
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