BOOM! Ben Carson Predicts What Obama’s Reaction Would be if Muslims Were Targeted in Oregon Mass Murders

It’s been over a week, and Obama has still purposely not mentioned that it was Christians who were mass murdered in Roseburg, Oregon at Umpqua Community College, because they were Christians.

Republican presidential hopeful, Dr. Ben Carson, explained to Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV on Tuesday that Obama, a supposed “Christian,” would have had a much different reaction if those murdered were targeted because they were Muslims.

In case you missed it, almost immediately following the mass murder of Christians in Oregon, even before the dead bodies were cold, Obama went on a shameful and embarrassing lecture of lies, literally making up his own “facts” about gun violence, in order to push for more unconstitutional laws against the Second Amendment, without explaining (because he can’t) how any new gun laws would have stopped the shooter.

“President Obama did not mention — and he had to know at that point [of his speech], because we found out an hour later and he’s President of the United States — And STILL, as of right now, as you and I are talking here — still hasn’t mentioned that this shooter said, ‘Are you Christian?’ and then shot them in the head if they said ‘yes,'” Malzberg stated to Dr. Carson. “How is that possible from a devout Christian, or for any American president, and what would have happened if the shooter said, ‘Are you Muslim?’ and shot them in the head?” he asked Carson.

“Remember, he’s been very reticent to mention Christians in the Middle East who are being massacred as well,” Carson pointed out. “I’m not sure why he has so much trouble actually articulating the words. It does make you wonder a little bit,” he replied.

“I mean, what’s the reason?” Malzberg pushed. “Would he have talked about if they were Muslims [being targeted]?” Malzberg asked.

“Oh my gosh!” Carson said with emphasis while chuckling. “He would have had a seizure over it,” Carson predicted.

Ben Carson went on to further explain that he’s amazed that Obama must think people aren’t paying attention to his perverted set of double-standards, but gave the audience some hopeful news regarding Obama.

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“We don’t have to deal with him that much longer — hopefully,” Carson said.

“Hopefully,” is right. But Obama, being a lifelong, America-hating community agitator, isn’t going to quietly drift into the night after his presidency ends.

He’s likely to be a much more powerful version of fellow racial grievance industry profiteer and professional race hustler, Al Sharpton, and be almost a bigger pain in the butt to this nation as he has been during his dictatorial reign.

To watch the full interview, please visit: Newsmax TV


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