BOOM! Ben Carson Says #BlackLivesMatters Movement is Funded by ‘Powerful White Liberal Funders’

Republican presidential candidate and famous retired pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson has a message for the #BlackLivesMatter communist front group.

They’re barking up the wrong tree.

Carson, in a powerful op-ed in USA Today on Monday, accused the group of being funded by rich, white liberals and wrote that the anger exhibited by the organization is completed misguided.

“The idea that disrupting and protesting Bernie Sanders speeches will change what is wrong in America is lunacy. The “BlackLivesMatter” movement is focused on the wrong targets, to the detriment of blacks who would like to see real change and to the benefit of its powerful white liberal funders using the attacks on Sanders for political purposes that mean nothing for the problems that face our community.”

Carson linked to a January article from the Washington Times which revealed that the anti-American international socialist and currency manipulator George Soros had donating to violent front groups that have been causing so much mayhem and destruction, including major arson and looting in American cities like Ferguson, MO, and Baltimore, MD.

Dr. Carson, who has moved up to a top five candidate in several national polls following his extremely powerful closing argument at the first GOP debates, wrote that he grew up in poor neighborhoods “most Americans were told to never drive through.”

“I saw bullets, drugs and death in the same places I played tag and ball with my friends,” Carson recalled, saying that he had two cousins who were killed in those neighborhoods.

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Dr. Carson’s experience sounds very much unlike Barack Obama’s, who has grew up in upper class areas and has never experienced the kind of fear or poverty Carson has had to deal with. Carson said that his mother had bigger things to worry about than “Socialist senators from tiny rural states,” referring to admitted Socialist Democrat presidential Bernie Sanders, who was recently forced off the stage by Black Lives Matter radicals in Seattle, apparently thinking that a Socialist wasn’t far enough to the left for their tastes.

“My mother knew what the problems were and she shielded me and my brother from them. I can tell you she wasn’t worried about Socialist senators from tiny rural states. “BlackLivesmatter” could learn from her to focus on the real sources of our hopelessness.”

Instead of causing riots and anarchy, Dr. Carson said that the group should redirect its energy toward areas that would actually make a difference in the lives of minorities, including the teachers unions and government education monopolies, the entertainment industry, and the Democrat Party.

“The schools don’t teach and our children don’t learn. Too many public schools are controlled by teachers unions focused more on the convenience and compensation of adults rather than the education of children who started out far behind. Their failures don’t kill as quickly, but they do kill as surely as a bullet.”

Carson said that the entertainment industry should be targeted for profiting from “glamorizing a life where black men are thugs and our women are trash. Let’s tell them we plan to start talking with our wallets,” Carson wrote.

Democrat President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty” has been an abysmal failure, with over $19 trillion dollars being wasted on it with nothing to show for the dollars spent.

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“For decades they have fought the ‘War on Poverty.’ Poverty won. We lost,” Carson wrote, before writing that the Democrat Party should be told that “we don’t want to be clothed, fed and housed. We want honor and dignity.”

In closing, Ben Carson said that blacks “need to go over to the Republican Party” and tell them that “they have ignored us for too long.”

“There are many things to be angry about when you are consumed by hopelessness. Bernie Sanders isn’t one of them,” he asserted.


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Matthew K. Burke
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