BOOM! Carly Fiorina Powerfully Explains Why Trump Always Resorts to Personal Insults [VIDEO]

Former GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina appeared live, in-studio, on the Jerry Bader Show in Wisconsin on Thursday, telling the WTAQ radio host the reason why bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump, the current GOP frontrunner, seems to always resort to personal insults rather than debating the issues.

Fiorina, who has endorsed Ted Cruz and is a leading candidate to be his running mate should he secure the GOP nomination, told Bader that Wisconsin is a “truly pivotal” state (the Wisconsin primary is Tuesday, April 5) “because Wisconsin has the opportunity to send a loud and clear message that conservatives will not line up behind Donald Trump.”

“Donald Trump is a big act,” the former Hewlett-Packard CEO told Jerry Bader.

“Donald Trump is an act — he’s an entertainer. We don’t know his principles — he doesn’t know his principles. He doesn’t know what he thinks. The reason he doesn’t want to talk policy and always succumbs to insults is because he doesn’t know what his policies are

We need principled conservative leadership in the White House and that is why I voted for Ted Cruz before I ever had a meeting with him about endorsing him. And it’s why I’m out here supporting him. 

Wisconsin will be pivotal now.” 

Fiorina opined that the Donald Trump is a creation of the GOP establishment and the media and accused the media of having “their thumb on the scale all along” against Ted Cruz and in favor of Donald Trump.

Trump has reportedly received an estimated $2 billion in free airtime from the media, much more than every other presidential candidate combined. A new poll from Pew Research shows that 75 percent of Americans believe the real estate tycoon has been given too much coverage by the media. Perhaps even more overwhelming is 4 percent said that Trump has received too little media coverage.

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This week has been the worst for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, from his attacks on Heidi Cruz backfiring, to his flip-flopping within two hours on abortion, to his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski getting arrested for manhandling a reporter, to stating that his proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S. would not apply to his rich foreign Muslim friends.

Ted Cruz, who received the endorsement of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who has an 80 percent approval rating among Republicans in The Badger State, has been soaring in recent polls, passing Donald Trump in the state.

A new FOX Business poll released on Thursday showed Cruz leading Trump by 10-points in Wisconsin, with women backing the Texas senator by a whopping 19-point margin.


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