BOOM! Ted Cruz Ambushed by Angry Iowa Farmer, Promptly Turns Him Around

Ted Cruz got ambushed by an Iowa farmer, enraged that the constitutional conservative has promised to phase out taxpayer-funded subsidies to the ethanol industry over a five-year time span.

Misinformed by the likes of Donald Trump and RINO Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, whose own son is a lobbyist for the ethanol industry, the farmer initially accuses Ted Cruz of being in bed with big oil. However, Cruz explains to him, he is for ending all government subsidies, ending the government picking winners and losers, and that would include ending any subsidies to the oil industry as well.

Cruz then informs the man that he would fight to end the artificial caps placed by government on ethanol, which may help him in the long run more than ending the subsidies would hurt. Cruz also points out, ironically, that the man who built many of the ethanol plants in Iowa is supporting him and encouraged the farmer to go across the room and speak with him.

What is impressive is that Cruz actually had an in-depth discussion and dialogue about an issue that was important to a voter, and he didn’t have to call him stupid, ugly, fat or a pig in order to get his point across. In addition, Cruz not only calmed the man down but conversation ended with the farmer hoping that Cruz would receive the vote of Iowa farmers.

Extremely impressive.

Current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has stated that he not only endorses the cronyist ethanol mandate but also wants them increased.

A new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll showed that Trump has a five point lead over Cruz with only one day before the Iowa Caucus on Monday.

However, the same poll showed that a whopping 60 percent of Republican voters said it bothered them that Trump supported ethanol subsidies.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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