BOOM! Ted Cruz Reveals Who Is REALLY in Charge of the House and Senate; Schools RINO Leadership

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has been a thorn in the side of the good old boys network, the D.C. establishment, the corrupt leadership in both parties who join with greedy lobbyists to grow government at the expense of American citizens.

Cruz, who accurately called RINO Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor in historic fashion, exposing with specifivity McConnell as a deceiver, someone who says one thing behind closed doors and something completely different to the press and the public, said that despite voters giving Republicans majorities in both the House and Senate, Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are still effectively in charge.

“Today, the leader in the Senate is [Minority Leader] Harry Reid because Republican leadership has said nothing will pass without Harry Reid’s support. Today, the leader of the House is [Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi,” Cruz told reporters after Obama’s Mitch revealed his plan to cave-in again and not defund Planned Parenthood’s abhorrent and subhuman practices of murdering babies and illegally trafficking baby body parts.

“The position of Republican leadership boils down to this: They will support 100% of the priorities of Democrats,” Cruz said. “We should not be content with simple show votes, which is Republican leadership’s favorite strategy. My focus is on urging leadership to actually lead,” the constitutional conservative proclaimed.

Separately, in an op-ed in left-wing Politicoa favorite outlet of the Republican establishment (Apparently Cruz wanted to make sure that Boehner and McConnell saw it), Ted Cruz wrote that GOP leadership is guilty of “surrender politics,” while exposing their deceptive tactic of “show votes” in order to fool the party base into thinking that they’re actually trying to push back.

“What happens in politics when one side is absolutely committed to its principles, willing to fight for them no matter the cost, and the other side reflexively surrenders on every issue? We have modern-day Washington.

Today, President Barack Obama fights relentlessly for his liberal priorities. Like the Terminator, he never gives up, he never stops. And Republican leadership responds to every challenge by surrendering at the outset.

President Obama demands of Congress: fund all of Obamacare, with no changes to help the millions being hurt by that failed law, or he will veto funding for the entire federal government. And Republican leadership backs down. President Obama demands: fund his unconstitutional executive amnesty—or he will veto funding for the entire federal government. And Republican leadership backs down. President Obama demands: give $500 million in taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood, a private organization under criminal investigation—or he will veto funding for the entire federal government. And Republican leadership backs down.

The core of this capitulation comes from Republican leadership’s promise that “There will be no government shutdown.” On its face, the promise sounds reasonable. Except, in practice, it means that Republicans never stand for anything.

Surely, you might think, Republicans can use different “tactics” and accomplish something meaningful without risking a government shutdown.

Alas, no. In today’s partisan Washington, there are only two important kinds of votes: show votes on legislation that has no chance of becoming law, and votes on legislation that “must pass.” (A third kind of vote—growing government and worsening the deficit—occurs as well. These votes succeed because Democrats and Republican leadership agree that expanding corporate welfare and cronyism helps the reelection of career politicians of both parties.)”

Cruz goes on to make the case that if Republicans agree to fund ALL of the government except Planned Parenthood, and Obama’s vetoes it, it will be Obama shutting down the government, not Republicans.

Moreover, Cruz reminds GOP leadership that their failed prediction of a voter revolt against Republicans by voters in the 2014 elections over the Cruz-led partial shutdown over defunding Obamacare (another issue Boehner and McConnell surrendered on), never happened, that Republicans won in historic landslides in 2014, and there is no evidence to suggest that the shutdown hurt them in the last election.

As you may recall, 83% of the government was still open during the last government shutdown, as it is only the unessential services that are temporarily closed. So when no one was hurt by the shutdown, a panicking and petulant Barack Obama began shutting down unmaned veteran memorials, trying to inflict pain on the American people.

But of course, Surrender Caucus leaders rushed to Obama’s rescue.

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Ted Cruz then gave the RINO leadership a much-needed history lesson regarding government shutdowns in his Politico op-ed:

“When Reagan was president, there were eight partial shutdowns, including six before his historic 1984 reelection. The world didn’t end. But that’s what happens sometimes when a leader fights for his principles.

The alternative—Republican leadership’s current strategy—is to surrender on everything and leave Harry Reid as the de facto Leader of the Senate.

We can do better.”

Planned Butcherhood, a private company involved in human atrocities, is funded with over $500 million of American taxpayer money, a tragedy that Cruz is trying to stop.

Ted Cruz tweeted on Wednesday that if elected, he would instruct the Department of Justice to investigate Planned Parenthood:

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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