BOOM: Ted Cruz Tells ‘Rogue Houdinis’ in Supreme Court to ‘Resign’ and Run for Congress!

“If those justices want to become legislators, I invite them to resign and run for office”

2016 GOP presidential candidate pulled no punches in his response to Thursday’s 6-3 Supreme Court decision in which they, again, unconstitutionally usurped their authority, rewriting the failed Democrat Party bill in order to save it.

“For the second time in just a few years, a handful of unelected judges has rewritten the text of Obamacare, in order to impose that failed law upon millions of Americans,” Cruz began on the Senate Floor on Tuesday, responding to the SCOTUS King v. Burwell decision.

Cruz explains that this decision, as was the last one which made an unconstitutional law somehow constitutional, is a pure and simple case of judicial activism.

“The first time, the court ignored federal law and magically transformed a statutory penalty into a tax,” Cruz reminded the Senate. “These rogue Houdinis have transmogrified a federal exchange into an exchange ‘established by the state.’ This is lawless,” Cruz asserted.

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Cruz blasted the decision as being politicized and biased, saying, “For naked political reasons, the Supreme Court willfully ignored the words that Congress wrote — instead read into the law their preferred policy outcome,” going on to accuse the Court of joining with Obama in harming millions of Americans.

“Unelected have once again become legislators, and bad ones at that. They are lawless. And they hide prevarication in legalise. Our government was designed to be one of laws — not of men. And this transparent distortion is disgraceful.

These justices are not behaving as umpires calling balls and strikes. They have joined a team, and it’s a team that is hurting Americans across this country.”

Cruz explained that Obamacare is the biggest job killer and that millions have lost their healthcare insurance and/or their doctors because of Obamacare, while millions more have seen their premiums “skyrocket.” Cruz laid the blame on Obama, Democrats in Congress, and on “lawless judges at the United States Supreme Court who have joined the team of the Obama administration.”

“If those justices want to become legislators, I invite them to resign and run for office,” Cruz reprimanded. “That’s the appropriate place to write laws — on this floor, not that courtroom.”

Cruz, who clerked for former Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist and has argued and won cases before the Supreme Court, called what the court has become “heartbreaking.”

“If Chief Justice Rehnquist could see this court today, he would be filled with sorrow at what has become the Supreme Court of the United States,” Senator Cruz predicted.

“The obligation of fidelity to the Constitution and fidelity to law matters,” Cruz proclaimed.

Cruz called establishment Republicans response to the SCOTUS decision to illegally rewrite Obamacare, “crocodile tears,” and that many are “quietly celebrating.”

“One day of faux outrage from the Washington cartel won’t fool the millions of courageous conservatives all across our country. They know that far too many politicians, Democrats AND Republicans in this nation’s capitol are quietly celebrating the court’s decision.

If they now believe this issue is now settled so they don’t have to address it, they are sorely mistaken.”

“I believe 2016 will be a national referendum on repealing Obamacare,” Cruz announced.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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