Breakdancing Cop Breaks Down Barriers with Community, and It’s AWESOME [VIDEO]

Britton Winfree was having a barbecue cookout with family and friends in Lebanon, Tennessee on Saturday afternoon when a police car drove up and stopped. On the heels of violent protests in various cities throughout the country, with five police officers in Dallas being killed and seven injured by a black nationalist at the end of an anti-police protest, Winfree thought the police were there to harass them.

He couldn’t have been further from the truth.

The officers who stopped were veteran Officer Tim Kelly and his partner, rookie Ariel Carrillo. Officer Carrillo isn’t your ordinary police rookie, having just graduated from the academy last month and in the third of his 10-week field training. He’s been breakdancing since he was 15-years old. In his spare time, he dances at Rocketown in Nashville, founded by Christian music star Michael W. Smith with a mission of “offering hope to the next generation through Christ’s love.”

Kelley thought introducing Carrillo to the community and having him showcase his breakdancing skills would help break down barriers as they work to establish positive community relations. He was right.

Winfree posted the video of Carillo breakdancing in front of his car to the delight of onlookers. He took off his belt then showed off his skills. You can hear the crowd cheer him on with every move. He also took a little time to teach those at the cookout a few moves.

On his post, he thanked the officers and shared how things like this, which may seem small and meaningless to some, can actually make all the difference in the world with how people view police officers.

Today while I was at a community day cookout in Lebanon TN playing flag football I look up and I see a police car coming. I immediately think to myself “aw man what now” thinking they must want to bother us in some way, but to my surprise it was the exact opposite. In fact officer Ariel Feroz Carrillo trusted us so much that he took his belt which had his gun and other things he uses to protect himself with to teach us a few cool dance moves. These are the things that will bring about change instead of telling ppl how good cops could be officers Tim Kelley and A. Carrillo showed us. And I want to tell both of those officers thank you for setting such good examples for all the little kids that were in attendance today.

WATCH Officer Ariel Carrillo demonstrate his mad breakdancing skills.

h/t The Tennessean

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