UPDATE: Police Officer Shot This Morning has Died; Massive Manhunt Underway

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An unidentified police officer has been shot in Fox Lake, Illinois. After a news conference, Lake County Sheriff’s Detective Chris Covelli confirmed that the officer died. A massive manhunt is currently underway as police search for three armed men.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the suspects in question are one black man and two white men. The officer was reportedly pursuing people described as suspicious. At some point, there was a traffic stop and, it was at this point, authorities say pepper spray was used and the officer was shot.

When backup officers arrived, they found the Fox Lake police officer face down in a marshy area. He was stripped of his gun and gear. The officer was pronounced dead at the scene.

Grant Community High School and St. Bene High School have been placed on lockdown as police search the woods and businesses in the area for the suspects. Numerous other schools were placed on a soft lockdown.

Lake County Undersheriff Raymond Rose encouraged residents to remain alert saying, “If (residents) see anybody in their area … that doesn’t belong or doesn’t look right, they should call 911.” Residents have been instructed to stay inside their homes and businesses.

Police are searching for the suspects both in the air via helicopter and on the ground. They are also using K-9 units on the ground. The massive manhunt is being conducted by every local law enforcement agency in the area along with the assistance of a regional SWAT team.

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This shooting comes just days after the assassination of Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth in Houston, Texas. Deputy Goforth was fueling his patrol car, in uniform, when he was ambushed from behind and shot in the head. After falling to the ground, the suspect, Shannon J. Miles, continued to empty his weapon shooting Goforth a total of 15 times in the head and the back.

Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman was highly critical of the dangerous anti-cop rhetoric that has become so pervasive in society. Hickmann also called out the #BlackLivesMatter anarchist movement who have on numerous occasions called for the murder of police officers. Sheriff Hickman said, “When rhetoric ramps up to the point where cold-blooded assassination has happened, this rhetoric has gotten out of control. We heard ‘black lives matter.’ All lives matter. Well, cops’ lives matter too, so why don’t we drop the qualifier and say ‘lives matter’ and take that to the bank.”

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Fox Lake is located 52 miles north of Chicago near the Wisconsin border.

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