Black Lives Matter Terrorizes Mall of America, Force Lockdown; but They Didn’t Stop There

Management at Mall of America in Minneapolis, the largest mall in the country, attempted to secure a restraining order to prevent a planned #BlackLivesMatter protest from happening. Last year, the agitators forced early closure of the mall, on their busiest shopping day of the season, by flooding the mall with thousands of people, harassing shoppers, and chanting loudly.

A judge did bar three of the organizers from going to the mall for the protest, but said she does not have the power to block the entire event.

So, the protest in the name of 24 year old Jamar Clark who died after being shot by police in Minneapolis last month. In order to prevent the security issues they dealt with last year, Mall of America increased security for the mall in order and now have the mall on lockdown.

The protest was scheduled to take place at 1:30 pm in the east rotunda area. The Mall of America put the following message up on display in that area.

This demonstration is not authorized and is in clear violation of Mall of America policies. All participants must leave Mall of America property immediately, which includes leaving all Mall of America interior roadways and parking ramps. Those who fail to leave the property immediately will be subject to arrests.”

Management contend that the mall is private property and, therefore, they can block the protest from taking place on their premises.

Protesters began flooding the light rail area and, when police attempted to prevent them from leaving the train, the forced their way out. They were also chanting, “No justice, no peace, prosecute the police.”

Light rail service to the Mall of America has been suspended.

Customers are being asked to shelter in place by finding a safe area inside one of the stores which are all shutting their doors. In addition, light rail service to the mall has been suspended.

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The terrorist ‘protesters’ praised themselves for shutting down the mall, a selfish and dangerous move that jeopardizes the livelihood of business owners and workers, in addition to holding everyone hostage with the need for the mall to go in lockdown mode over security issues.

The Black Lives Matter terrorists did not stop at the mall. They  are also making  the airport their next target to terrorize in the name of “justice.”

Police are blocking the protesters from entering the airport. They are getting in the faces of officers while loudly shouting ‘Black Lives Matter.’

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The Black Lives Matter group is increasing their terrorism in Minneapolis by now blocking roadways. Riot police have been called to the area.

Here is a livestream of the Black Lives Matter terrorism in Minneapolis.

This story is developing.

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