BREAKING: Days Before the South Carolina Primary, Ted Cruz Scores HUGE Endorsement

With the unexpected death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who was a defender of the Constitution and the principles upon which this country was founded, the next presidential election is even all the more important.

Renowned economist Thomas Sowell believes that if we want to preserve our republic, Americans must select a president who fully understands the stakes at risk for not only the Supreme Court, but also our republic. That is why he has now officially made an endorsement in the 2016 presidential race.

In a column published on Real Clear Politics, Sowell has endorsed Texas Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Entitled “Tragedy and Choices,” the Sowell column reminds readers that Scalia’s passing puts America’s future in the balance. Not only that but with many on the court being older, whoever is the next President of the United States will determine America’s future.

Justice Scalia’s passing would be a great loss at any time. But at this crucial juncture in the history of the nation — with 5-to-4 Supreme Court decisions determining what kind of country America will be — Scalia’s death can be catastrophic in its consequences, depending on who is chosen to be his successor.

Given the advanced ages of other justices, the next president is likely to have enough vacancies to fill to be able to shape the future of the court that helps shape the future of America.

Sowell goes on the address the performance thus far of bombastic billionaire and reality TV star Donald Trump, comparing him to the current narcissist in the White House.

If, by some miracle, Trump became president, what kind of president would he be? Do we need another self-centered know-it-all in the White House to replace the one we have now?

He then speaks to the experience of the remaining candidates in the GOP field stating that Marco Rubio’s lack of experience, and sidling up with Democrats on amnesty, should make him a no-go for the Republican nomination.

The governors among the Republican candidates can at least be judged by how their track record stands up in running a governmental organization. So can Senator Ted Cruz, who was solicitor general in Texas. But Senator Marco Rubio has no comparable experience — and his inexperience has shown up in his abortive attempt to join Democrats in promoting amnesty.

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Sowell says that although there are governors who can point to their track record, non-Trump supporters must get behind a candidate who he believes is the best choice in not only leading the country, but selecting justices for the Supreme Court who will guard the principles upon which this country was founded and our freedoms protected by the Constitution. This candidate, Sowell believes, is Ted Cruz.

If the Republicans are to avoid having Donald Trump lead them — and the country — to disaster, they are going to have to have the majority of non-Trump supporters get behind some given candidate.

Senator Ted Cruz has been criticized in this column before, and will undoubtedly be criticized here again. But we can only make our choices among those actually available, and Senator Cruz is the one who comes to mind when depth and steadfastness come to mind.

As someone who once clerked for a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, he will know how important choosing Justice Scalia’s replacement will be. And he has the intellect to understand much more.

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Top conservative talk show host and editor of the Conservative Review, Mark Levin, tweeted about Sowell’s endorsement of Cruz.

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