BREAKING: Egyptian Flight With 81 Passengers Has Been Hijacked


UPDATE 6:50am EST: This is update is according to BBC.

Cypriot officials have named him as Seif Eldin Mustafa. Reports say he wants to talk to his estranged wife in Cyprus, and the Cypriot president says the hijack is not a terrorist incident.

But others say he is demanding the release of female prisoners in Egypt.

Egypt’s civil aviation minister told a news conference that seven people remained on board the jet.

UPDATE 6:30am EST:

This was actually said this morning on Fox News???

UPDATE 5:58 EST: The woman, who supposed to be the ex-wife of the hijacker, said that photographs released by the media of the alleged hijacker is not her ex-husband. She also stated that Samaha disembarked the aircraft with the rest of the released passengers.

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UPDATE 3:47 EST: Hijacker is 27 or 28 year-old Egyptian national Ibrahim Samaha. The latest statement released has not confirmed if he was the only hijacker.

UPDATE 3:26 EST: All passengers have been released, except the crew and 5 foreigners.

UPDATE 3:23 EST: It is being reported that 10 Americans and 8 British are on the plane.

Women and children that were on board the hijacked Egyptian plane that has landed in Cyprus are being allowed to leave the plane, according to news agency Associated Press.

Nearly 70 people were on board, including 7 crew members.

The hijacker threatened the captain of the aircraft that they would detonate an explosives belt, Egypt civil aviation sources have said.

This is a developing situation that we will keep updated.

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