Eight ISIS Members Arrested Masquerading as Syrian Refugees; What Now Obama?

A few days ago, Barack Obama chastised and insulted those governors, Republican presidential candidates, and every day American citizens who expressed concern about his plan to resettle tens of thousands of Muslim Syrian refugees in America. Even worse, he expressed his disdainful petulance while delivering remarks in Turkey.

Americans have been lectured by Obama and his ilk that they are out of line with their concern that ISIS will infiltrate this group of Muslim ‘refugees’ from Syria. We have been attacked by our own president accused of being un-American for having concerns that among these ‘refugees’ will be Islamic terrorists. This morning, Obama was demonstrated once again to be a devious liar after the Daily Mail reported that eight suspected members of ISIS were arrested as they attempted to enter Germany from Turkey posing as Syrian refugees.

The facts surrounding the arrest of these men, coupled with Obama’s speech in Turkey, will likely cause even further alarm and opposition in America to these Syrian ‘refugees’ with passports identical to the fake Syrian passport fond on one on the Paris suicide bombers.

Turkish police have detained eight suspected members of ISIS who were planning to sneak into Europe posing as refugees, state media said today.

Counter-terror police detained the suspects in Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport after they flew in from the Moroccan city of Casablanca on Tuesday, the official Anatolia news agency reported.

The police found a hand-written note on one of the suspects detailing a migration route from Istanbul to Germany via Greece, Serbia and Hungary, including smuggler boats across the Mediterranean Sea, as well as several train and bus journeys.

It comes just a day after it was revealed eight migrants have reached the EU using passports identical to the fake one found on one of the Paris suicide bombers.

Think about that. In the very country where Barack Obama stood and insulted every day American citizens and governors for their opposition to Syrian ‘refugees’ following the terrorist attacks in Paris, eight ISIS terrorists were arrested after they attempted to get into Germany via a detailed migration route. Just yesterday in Germany, a stadium where a soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands was set to take place was evacuated after police discovered an ambulance parked outside filled with explosives.

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Although statistics have shown that 72 percent of those Syrian ‘refugees’ that Obama is relocating in the United States are healthy men who fit the profile of ISIS terrorists, he attempted to guilt and shame America by distorting facts and accusing those opposed to his plan of turning away 3-year old orphans…while in Turkey.

But, there’s nothing to see here, folks, according to Barack Obama and Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Americans should just trust them with their devious lies and take the risk of a terrorist attack by ISIS because that is somehow part of our American values. The Democrats can’t even utter the words Islamic extremism or Islamic terrorism, so don’t expect them to acknowledge or address this damning news.

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