Home of Muslim San Bernardino Couple was ‘IED Factory’; Obama Still Grasping to ‘Workplace Violence’ Motive

Obama reacts to San Bernardino. Image Credit: FOX News via YouTube screenshot

The names of the Muslim terrorists were Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik. During their attack, they wore body armor and paramilitary-like garb, and the home in which they resided was a literal “IED factory.” An IED is an “improvised explosive device,” i.e., a bomb used in unconventional warfare.

In San Bernardino on Wednesday, the married Muslim couple murdered 14 and wounded 17 at a Christmas Party being held at the Inland Regional Center. The people they murdered had thrown the couple a baby shower months earlier.

Yet, America’s number one defender of Islam, Obama, is still not willing to — forget Islamic terrorism — he’s still not willing to even call the horrific episode “terrorism,” period.

No, Obama is still floating the possibility that the motive of the devout Muslim couple is somehow “workplace violence” or some other mysterious excuse — anything but the religion of his youth, Islam.

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Speaking emotionless on Thursday morning, as he normally does in times like these, except when attacking his fellow Americans, Obama said that “we do not yet know” what drove the Muslim couple (he left out the Muslim part for some odd reason) to commit this “terrible event.”

Instead, Obama shamefully blamed the “weapons,” which fits in nicely with his Saul Alinsky radical leftist training to never let a tragedy go to waste, and to push his anti-freedom, anti-American, anti-Second Amendment agenda.

“At this stage, we do not yet know why this terrible event occurred,” Obama said. “We do know that the two individuals who were killed were equipped with weapons and appeared to have access to additional weaponry at their home. But we don’t know why they did it…we do not know their motivations,” Obama argued.

Because, after all, in Obama’s twisted mind, anything could be a motive for San Bernardino except — radical Islamic terrorism or jihad.

It is possible that this is terrorist-related. But we don’t know. It’s also possible that this was workplace related,” Obama opined.

Meanwhile, the San Bernardino Police Chief, Jarrod Burguan, stated that “They came prepared to do what they did as if on a mission.”

FOX News further reports that the home of the Muslim couple was “hell-bent on jihad” and lived in an “IED factory.”

As chilling details emerged about the Muslim couple who unleashed carnage Wednesday morning in Southern California, storming a social services office in tactical gear and assault rifles, killing 14 at an office gathering before dying hours later in a shootout with police, speculation mounted that the pair left their “IED factory” home hell-bent on jihad.

At least Obama didn’t blame it on a YouTube video as in Benghazi. Nor did he blame it on global warming or climate change (yet). I suppose that’s progress.

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