Jailed Christian County Clerk Kim Davis Makes her Demands

Image Credit: Carter County Detention Center

Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk who was imprisoned for her refusal to sign homosexual marriage licenses on the basis that it violated her religious freedom, is not going quietly into the night. Davis has appealed Judge David Bunning’s decision to imprison her after holding her in contempt of court and is asking to be released.

Believing that homosexual marriage is a sin, Davis stopped issuing marriage licenses after the SCOTUS decision redefining marriage as being not between a man and a woman, but also saying it can be between two people of the same gender. After refusing to sign homosexual marriage licenses this past week, Davis was sent to prison by the George W. Bush appointed Bunning.

Davis’s attorney argued that forcing her name to be on homosexual marriage certificates is in violation of her religious liberty.

“Davis faces significant, irrevocable, and irreversible harm if she is forced to authorize and approve even one same-sex marriage license with her name on it, against her religious conscience.”

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She has asked that the state legislature issue such licenses with someone else’s name signed to them, not hers.

Even though the state has begun issuing licenses signed by deputy clerks, they still have the name of Kim Davis on them since Kentucky law currently requires that marriage licenses be issued by the duly elected county clerk. The Democrat Kim Davis is that elected official.

The Washington Post reports that Davis’s attorneys have argued as to what she feels will be acceptable to satisfy all involved.

“As a prisoner of her conscience, Davis continues to request a simple accommodation and exemption from the Governor,” Mat Staver, founder and chairman of the Christian legal organization Liberty Counsel, said in a statement on Monday.

In the new court documents, filed in the Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, Davis’s attorneys argue that the mandate is a violation of her right to free speech. They add that Davis would find it acceptable if marriage licenses are issued to same-sex couples without her name.

Meanwhile, Muslims jailed in Miami-Dade County for crimes committed are demanding halal meals, which are Sharia-compliant arguing that denial of such meals is a violation of their religious freedom.

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