BREAKING: Judge Rules on Ted Cruz’s Eligibility for the Presidency

Donald Trump has spent the last few days whining and complaining about the supposed unfairness of Ted Cruz’s tactics. Cruz has been waging a competitive presidential bid against the billionaire, but has also been crafting a dedicated coalition of delegates who have pledged to vote for him at the convention if it should go to a second round ballot.

To Trump, this is somehow “dirty politics.” For those willing to examine what’s occurring, this is just smart maneuvering.

Still, as Trump maintains that Cruz is a liar and that he is engaging in dirty tricks to rob him of the Republican nomination, Trump has relentlessly furthered the sleazy position that Cruz is ineligible for the presidency as he was born to American parents on Canadian soil.

Cruz’s eligibility has been called into legal question, but those seeking to sabotage Cruz’s candidacy keep getting the same answer: he’s a natural-born citizen.

On Tuesday, a New Jersey judge ruled upon a lawsuit challenging Cruz’s eligibility and declared that Cruz is a “natural-born citizen.”

The judge ruled: “a child, born of a citizen-father, citizen-mother, or both, is indeed a natural born Citizen.”

Cruz was born to an American mother and a Cuban father who was a legal resident of the U.S. The Cruz Family was in Calgary during Ted’s birth due to his father’s work at the time. By being born on Canadian soil, Cruz was afforded Canadian citizenship, a fact of which he was reportedly unaware. He renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014.

Last month, a Pennsylvania judge ruled in favor of Cruz’s eligibility. Other states have endured similar lawsuits, but both New York and Illinois have dismissed the suits.

Pennsylvania judge Dan Pellegrini wrote last month,

“Having extensively reviewed all articles cited in this opinion, as well as many others, this Court holds, consistent with the common law precedent and statutory history, that a ‘natural born citizen’ includes any person who is a United States citizen from birth.”

Cruz has been a citizen of the United States since birth, but where the issue has been contested is whether Cruz is a “natural-born citizen,” a title many consider a distinction without a difference.

With the latest defeat on the “birther” front, Americans can hope that Trump will dedicate more time to discussing his actual policy proposals instead of focusing on distractions and theatrics.

However, such maturation of his presidential campaign seems unlikely.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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